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6 Tips For Preparing For Your LASIK Surgery

More and more people are turning towards LASIK surgery as their one-stop solution for all their vision issues.  Not only does the surgery promise extremely high success rates, but the recovery time is quick.

If you’re preparing to attempt LASIK yourself, then take a look at some of the best ways to prepare.

Confirm Your Eligibility

Talk to your doctor about whether you are a good candidate.  They’ll look at a variety of factors from your health records to your age.

Before you get too excited and assume you’re automatically eligible, make sure that you have realistic expectations.  Otherwise, you may be left in disappointment.

Choose a Qualified Surgeon

Don’t choose the first surgeon that comes up on Google as your choice.  It’s crucial that you choose someone who is highly qualified and experience who uses the latest technology.

Making a hasty decision on who cuts your eye could be disastrous.  When it comes to your vision, you should only trust the best. Try to look for someone who comes highly recommended with positive reviews.

If possible, you may want to ask your friends if they have anyone they recommend.  Personal referrals are always ideal.

Start Wearing Glasses

Patients awaiting an upcoming LASIK procedure are advised to stop wearing contacts at least a week before.  If you wear hard lenses, they recommend taking them out up to four weeks before.

Contacts can change the shape of your cornea, so it’s vital that you wear glasses before the surgery in order to ensure your cornea is at its normal shape.

Don’t Wear Makeup

Since makeup can potentially cause eye infections, it’s important not to wear makeup for several days before the surgery.

In addition to makeup, you should also avoid any creams or products which could get in your eye.  It may seem like a silly precaution, but risking an eye infection before your surgery could lead to negative results, or your surgery having to be canceled altogether.

Arrange a Ride

Luckily the procedure is very fast.  On average it takes less than 30 minutes.  However, you will be under anesthetics which could cause you to feel woozy or dizzy.  In addition to feeling off, you may also have blurred vision.

It’s vital that you arrange someone to pick you up and take you home ahead of time.

Anticipate Recovery Time

The first few days following LASIK, you may experience a little pain and irritation. You may also feel like you something stuck in your eye.

The initial recovery will only take about a week; however, it may take as much as six months for a full recovery depending on several factors.