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7 New Rules for Wearing Women’s Socks

Many people don’t give their socks much thought when they get dressed in the morning. More often than not, socks are just a comfortable and functional wardrobe staple. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be used to accent your outfits, especially since there’s such a wide variety of socks and even more ways to style them. That being said, here are a few new rules that you can use as a guide to wearing your women’s socks:

Wear Socks with Heels

Do you still think that wearing socks and high heels is only for university students and preppy dressers? It’s time to rethink that assumption because wearing socks with heels is actually a pretty great combination, as long as you understand the importance of the right sock fit.

While this pairing may seem a bit on the fun and casual side, you can definitely class up your sock and heel combo for work. Wear dark knee-high socks with pumps or Mary Jane heels with your office outfits for a relaxed but professional look.

Make a Bolder Statement with Sheer Socks

Opaque socks can already be eye-catching; sheer socks take things to another level. Indeed, wearing sheer socks is a great way to add dimension to different outfits and make them more visually interesting. You can easily find them in a variety of colors and patterns that can suit your personal style. Wear them with long skirts and pointed kitten heels for a dainty look at work or a special event. You can also add them to your usual shirt-and-cropped-jeans ensemble to soften up an otherwise pragmatic look.

Wear Socks to Show Off More of Your Personality

Socks are a great way to add humor and whimsy to your outfits, even if you have to dress a certain way for work or school. For example, wearing bright mismatched socks is an easy way to spice up a neutral-colored outfit. And because socks come in so many designs these days, you can find a pair or two that appeals to your tastes and preferences.

Spread Festive Cheer by Wearing Holiday Socks

While holiday sweaters continue to be popular during the colder months, they can be kitschy and inappropriate for certain occasions. If you want to stay festive but fashionable, swap them out for some holiday socks instead. That way, you can still wear them to your work parties or your family events without standing out in a bad way.

Wear Socks While Traveling

Traveling can be a bit uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean that your feet have to hurt during your entire trip. Keep them from feeling fatigued by wearing standing or compression socks. That way, you’ll feel less tired while lining up, walking around, or sitting through a long-haul flight. If you have to take a nap at the airport, a pair of cozy socks will help you stay warm and comfortable while waiting for your flight. Wearing socks also means you don’t have to be barefoot while going through airport security.

Snuggle with Your Socks

When you’re at home, socks are great to lounge around in, especially for those times when slippers feel like a hassle to put on. Snuggling with a blanket and a pair of cozy socks will make you feel nice and warm when you curl up on the couch to read a good book or watch your favorite TV show. Plus, socks make it easier to get ready if you need to head out and attend to something. Just put on your boots and coat and head out the door!

Wear Socks for Sockless Looks

With no-show socks, there’s no need to roll down your usual pair to hide them from sight. Since they’re designed to fit snugly around your feet, you can walk around all day with ease and comfort, knowing that your socks won’t show. These discreet socks also prevent you from having to deal with sweaty or stinky feet at the end of each day.

It’s truly amazing how you can add a fun but stylish spin to your ensemble just by changing your socks. So go out and explore different sock styles! Before you know it, you’ll find the right pairs that will inject a lot of personality into your favorite outfits.