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7 Ways Your Skin Could Benefit from Botox and Fillers

Individually, Botox and fillers address and improve certain aspects of the skin that are otherwise untreatable. When they are combined, they can have impressive benefits on the appearance and health of your skin, which explains their popularity as facial treatments.

Botox, which is a brand name, works to restrict muscle movement by injecting Botulinum toxins directly into the facial muscle. Fillers, on the other hand, are injected into the contours of the face to add volume to specific areas.

Are you considering Botox and Fillers in Midtown Manhattan? Here are seven benefits you might get from the non-surgical treatments.

Immediate Results

One of the biggest reasons Botox and fillers are all the rage is the immediacy of their results. Although the best results are achieved gradually over time, it only takes one treatment to notice the difference. This means that you can work with your provider to create a treatment plan, which meets your time and skin needs simultaneously.

Long-lasting Effects

Botox and fillers do more than improve existing wrinkles and lines. They also reduce your chances of ever developing new ones, so your results are long-lasting if not permanent. In most cases, you may adopt a treatment plan and gradually reduce the number of injections you need as your wrinkles and lines become less and less visible.

Added Volume

Fillers can be used to add volume to specific areas of your face such as the lips, cheeks, and under the eyes. This could leave you with a younger and fuller look that only gets better with time. What’s more, Hyaluronic Acid, which is used in filler treatments, is a natural substance, which makes it ideal for people who suffer from severe allergies.


Surgery holds a wide range of risks, which explains why most people are scared of it. The pain, risk of infection, expense, and long recovery time are some of the most commonly cited reasons for this fear. Since they are non-surgical, Botox and fillers offer a more convenient, affordable, and less risky approach to skin rejuvenation.

Subtle After-Effects

Nobody wants to walk around looking like a Botox and fillers billboard. You want people to see the results without immediately knowing that you had the treatment. In essence, you want effective but subtle changes, which is what Botox and fillers provide. They don’t change your appearance dramatically.


Botox and fillers are different in how they act on wrinkles on your face While Botox reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, fillers are more suited to static ones. The benefit is that although they can be used separately, they complement each other perfectly when combined.

Reduced Wrinkles and Lines

Botox freezes the lines in areas of the face that have a lot of tension such as brows and frown lines. By doing so, they prevent future wrinkles and line formations.


The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that injectables have increased by over 40.6 percent in the last five years. This gained ground is well deserved considering the wide range of benefits provided by Botox and fillers.

If you are considering Botox and fillers as a remedy for fine lines and wrinkles, contact Doris Giraldo, DDS, of New Dimension Dentistry and her team of specialists to schedule a consultation today.