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8 Reasons Why Single Parents Deserve More Deals


We may not feel the pain, hardships and challenges of single parents until we go through the same situations. There is no denying that single parents have a lot of problems as compared to complete families. They have to take care of the kids, manage their finance, work jobs and come back home for their children. They are also worried about the kids when they are at school. Single parents have to offer love of a mother as well as a dad to their children so that they don’t feel alone. The below given reasons make us believe why single parents truly deserve discounts.

  1. Financial Struggles

The crippling financial struggles of a single parent is an vicious cycle. They have to deal with everything from monthly bills to education fees, rent, for water, food and clothes. They spend the whole day working so that they can make some extra money. They honestly deserve to be offered special deals and discounts.

  1. Juggling Between Work and Family

Managing work and family at the same time is pretty hard. Single parents leave for work in morning, have to pick their kids from school, leave them at home, provide them with lunch, go back to work and remained worried what their kids will be doing at home. A small discount may bring happiness in their life.

  1. Psychological Problems

There are a number of psychological problems faced by the single parents. Most of the time they are unable to share them with anyone. They think they can deal with these issues on their own so they continue the struggle fighting psychological problems.


  1. Sense of Loss

The sense of loss and feeling aloof is faced by both single parents as well as their kids. People get divorce or party their ways with each other but it all affects their children and their own life. It becomes very painful to forget such things and live a normal life.

  1. Providing the Best Education to Kids

Single parents work really hard as they have to take care of their kids. Every single dollar is valuable to them because they have to pay kids’ school fee, feed them, bring them new uniforms, clothes and manage the house too. If they are offered discounts, they will be more than pleased to accept it.

  1. Work-Life Balance

The biggest problem for the single parents is maintaining work-life balance. They have so much pressure on their brain and burden on shoulders. Often, they are unable to walk still they continue. Single parents sacrifice a lot for the sake of their kids and to make them live a better life.


  1. Stress and Anxiety

When you have so many responsibilities, work to handle, kids to take care of job to do- stress becomes common. The problems seem to be never ending and they continue to mount for the single parents. Thus they go through stress issues.


  1. Time to Shop Around

This is a big reason why single parents should be given deals or discounts because they don’t have enough time to shop around the markets.