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8 Reasons You Will Save Money Buying Loose Diamonds

Have you always thought that you must buy a diamond as part of a piece of jewelry? Well, it may surprise you to learn that not only can you buy loose diamonds, but they can be a better buy than a pre-made piece of jewelry. Let us take a look at how come this is the case:


1 You Know What You’re Getting


A loose diamond is much easier to look at and assess for diamond quality. Everyone knows about the Four Cs of diamond grading, but not many people realize that as soon as the stone is mounted in a piece of jewelry, the jeweler’s assessment is necessarily compromised. It is a little like trying to evaluate a house when you are not allowed into some of the rooms! A jeweler may easily miss inclusions and flaws that have deliberately mounted in such a way as to minimize their appearance. This is not malicious – any jeweler will automatically try to make their piece look as good as possible – but it is hard to be sure about the value of a stone that is in a mounting.


2 Almost Wholesale Price (when purchased online)


Loose stones tend to be sold to jewelers in job lots, and while they will be looking to make the most profit possible, selling a loose stone is an easy and fast turn-around for them and they might show their appreciation of this fact by only putting a modest mark-up on the stone.


3 No Other Costs


A diamond ring, for example, comprises of the diamond and the precious metal that is used for the band. It is also subject to the labor involved in designing the piece of jewelry and the labor that goes into creating it. All these costs must be covered by the customer – unless the customer is just buying the diamond! Even if you are going to get the jeweler to craft your ring once you have bought the diamond, you will have more control over the extras that go into the ring, and this can help you to stay within your budget by pruning some small features, or choosing a slightly cheaper metal, for example.


4 Boosted Resale Value


For the reasons given in point 1, you will stand a better chance of earning a good return on your outlay if the stone is loose. If the buyer can inspect it under laboratory conditions and confirm that it matches the GIA or AGS certificate that accompanies the stone.


5 Good Investment


Diamonds are small portable, instantly cashable in any country in the world and are often the currency of choice between international businessmen who need to conduct their deals quickly and discreetly outside of the banking world. Diamonds do not fluctuate wildly in value – rather they slowly accrue gains, staying abreast of the inflation rate and keeping their value in a way that your other investments might not.


6 No Hidden Enhancements


Unscrupulous diamond traders sometimes try to enhance the look of a diamond, by filling cracks with oil, by coating the diamond with polishes that make them sparkle even more, and in any number of inventive ways. A careful examination of a loose stone under lab conditions will quickly reveal these deceptions, whereas a diamond mounted in a stone might be harder to pick up as being problematic.


7 Design It Your Way


Choosing to design your own ring and buying all the component parts separately can save your budget! Compare buying a ready-made ring and having it adjusted several times – paying for the privilege each time, of course! – to simply working together with your partner and the jeweler to create a perfect engagement ring the first time! All that, and you will pay less, as you will be consulted at each step of the way, and can prune out any unnecessary expenses!


8 Not Tied to Fashion Fads


Diamond engagement rings have fashions, just like clothing does. One year, the purest of white metals must be teamed with a perfectly clear diamond, the next, the fashion is for black metal and a mix of other precious stones next to your beautiful diamond. And when the fashions decline, those pieces of jewelry lose some of their value, leaving you to wait and hope that the trend will return in time. A loose diamond, especially one highly rated by AGS and GIA, will retain its value no matter what.


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