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8 Silent Signs of Brain Cancer You Should Never Ignore

It can be devastating to anyone when diagnosed with brain cancer. The good news is that this condition only affects a smaller fraction of the overall population. However, the bad news is that the symptoms accompanying the condition are few, and most of them are confused with everyday ailments. That is why the experienced physicians at Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC, who offer treatment options to manage brain cancer in Flemington, NJ, encourage patients to seek medical attention for any changes in their health. Please never ignore the following symptoms as they can indicate brain cancer.

1. Headaches

It is not uncommon to have a headache now and then, and it might not be cause for alarm at first. However, it can be good to pay attention to the severity, occurrences, and the time at which it occurs. This is because a prolonged severe headache in the morning or getting a headache when participating in physical activity can be a potential symptom of brain cancer. If you feel like you’ve got any symptoms as such, it may be a good idea to get in touch with a neurosurgeon like Dr Timothy Steel.

2. Seizures

Although you may experience seizures from time to time due to other complications, the presence of a tumor in your brain can affect the brain’s functionality and may cause the brain to shoot neurons irregularly. You might want to speak to your doctor about the seizures you are experiencing to understand their cause. If a brain tumor is present, then treatment may be started straight away to tackle the problem quickly and efficiently. This could mean using gamma knife radiosurgery to treat certain types of brain tumors. If you want to know – what is gamma knife? Then you may want to check out websites such as as well as similar other medical sites, to see what it is and how it can be effective.

3. Vision Complications

This is also a common symptom associated with other complications. However, if you experience a sudden double vision, peripheral vision issues, or periodic blindness, seek medical assistance immediately. This is because it can be a sign of a brain tumor in your brain stem, occipital lobe, or temporal lobe.

4. Numbness

This is one of the silent signs of brain cancer that can go unnoticed. You can experience numbness, particularly when the tumor is in the brain stem. Although numbness is a common symptom for many health conditions, make efforts to make sure you understand why you are experiencing the condition.

5. Personality Changes

Your personalities and moods can gradually change over time, depending on several circumstances. However, if it happens drastically, it can be influenced by a tumor in your brain. Make sure you pay attention to what other people are saying about your personality changes. You might experience confusion, memory loss, problems processing information, or inability to concentrate.

6. Nausea

This is also a symptom that is so common that it can be easily interpreted about other common health complications. However, it is good to keep an account of the number of times you experience the symptoms. This is because persistent nausea accompanied by sudden vomiting can be a sign of a developing tumor.

7. Language Issues

If you have sudden changes in your speech, it can be a sign of a tumor in the frontal lobe as this is the area of our brain that controls your language comprehension and speaking.

8. Clumsiness

If you are falling or fumbling more often, something could be seriously wrong. Although there are many reasons you are clumsy, it can just be another silent sign of a brain tumor. Therefore, more attention is needed to the sudden changes and the numerous occasions it happens.

You can note that these signs are so subtle that they are often unnoticed or ignored, yet they are potential warning signs of brain cancer. Therefore, it is good not to always link these symptoms to just the common illnesses.