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9 Awesome Tips When Taking Photos Of Your Car


Photography is not easy. It is a skill that can be well learned through practice and by following the rules. In order to take photos of your car, you have to consider a good number of factors. If you choose the wrong time of the day, shoot at eye levels or try the obvious shots- photos will not look impressive at all. For this, you have to surprise the people with the following rules. The list of tips for taking photos of a car, for a service store, is given below.

  1. Have the Best Camera and Lenses

Make sure you have the best camera of good quality along with proper lenses. Without a quality camera, photos can be of bad quality and not as impressive as they should have been even though you choose time and location to the best.

  1. Choose the Right Time

Timing is an important factor that can make or break your car photography. Perhaps in collaboration with a marketing company that may have been facilitating a marketing campaign, to get the perfect shot of a car featuring a promoted tyre range, servicing company Tyre City picks just before sunset or moments before sunrise as the perfect times of the day to capture stunning photos. Who would have thought that some of the best photography advice could come from a car servicing company? But then again the subject matter has everything to do with a niche and market which they’re specialist experts in…

  1. Choose the Reflections

You have to be on the lookout for reflection. Things around and near the car will deeply affect the photos. It should not mix with the background, the reflection should be natural and not man-made.


  1. Take Driving Shots

It is called the best and the easiest way to take cool photos of your car. As the car is moving, the background, reflection as well as land attributes change. You will get plenty of moments to capture some outstanding and impressive photos.

  1. Color and Theme

If you take pictures of a light blue vehicle near ocean, the photos will look dull and boring. A red and black color car will look far better. This is why you need to consider the color of the car as well as the theme.

  1. Nature Interacting with the Car

Let the nature interact with the car. A white color Mercedes will look far better in a mountainous background with yellow dirty and the same background. Moreover, take natural photos while the car is moving or placed at a cool place.


  1. Control the Depth of Field

You should use bokeh technique. According to this trick, de-focus the background and highlight the main subject of the photo. The subject will be your car so it should not look dull. The background should be given little focus.

  1. Get Inside the Car

The car interior offers a lot of cool positions to capture some amazing photos. Here you will need lenses to take close photos with more focus on the main objects and parts of the car.


  1. Avoid Shooting at Eye Levels

Eye level is when the main object and eyes are at the same level. Why it is not so good? With this, the main object looks bigger, main features are hidden, the background is not obvious and the overall photo look too weird.