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9 home improvement tips for every budget

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Whether you’re considering selling your home and want to invest in large scale improvements that will net you a nice return, or simply want to make a few budget DIY upgrades to add character and charm and make your home a nicer place to entertain guests in, we’ve got you covered! Below we explore a range of home improvement options to consider, from large to small, professional to DIY.

Go green

Low-flow showers and toilets and an energy-saving smart thermostat add instant appeal for environmentally conscious buyers without costing much to install. And because they reduce your water and energy bills, they’ll be paying themselves off right until you decide to sell.

Add another bathroom

While this is one of the pricier improvements you can make, an extra bathroom is always useful, especially if your property has more than one story. Giving guests and residents the option for a bath or a shower and having an extra loo available which means you don’t have to trudge up or down stairs to use the facilities makes a big difference whether you’re selling or staying.

Work some DIY magic

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It can be pretty frustrating when you’re in the mood to decorate but your budget is tight. Fortunately, with a little creativity and inspiration, there are still dozens and dozens of DIY home improvements you can make on the cheap or even for free. From giving your garage door or kitchen cabinets a new lease on life, adding clever additional storage space where it’s needed most, to creating your own DIY baseboards, molding and trim, the possibilities are almost endless if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease. Even if you just give a little update to your walls by hanging some movie posters or new mirrors, it can make a big difference to the feel of a room. The more projects you try, the more confident and competent you’ll become – picking up skills along the way that will allow you to take on even bigger projects!

Modernize light fixtures

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When all the furniture is removed from a room, the light fittings which stay behind immediately stand out – and if you’re trying to sell your property, it’s worth giving them an update. Ironically perhaps, retro lighting is currently on trend, and industrial-style fittings have been popular for a while now. If you’re hoping to sell to a young family or professional couple, or simply want to be able to entertain in style, updating your lighting is a, well – bright idea! If you’re not confident fitting these fixtures yourself, you might want to consider calling a professional like the team at to come out and do the work for you – especially if you’re going to have to add new wiring and switches to achieve this new lighting design.

Budget a concern? Check out these creative DIY lighting ideas that are guaranteed to add charm and character.

Make better use of underutilized rooms

Adding square footage to your home can become incredibly expensive, and usually won’t add enough value for you to recoup your expenses. What does work well, however, is giving an underutilized space like the basement or attic a little TLC. Attics often convert well into a home office space or kiddie’s playroom, and basements can easily become an atmospheric TV room or additional bedroom.

Make your home smarter

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As the IoT expands, buyers are increasingly on the lookout for smart features in a home. CCTV cameras and automated security features like doors which lock themselves should you forget to are always a big draw for families, and entertainment features like multiroom audio and customizable lighting all add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the home. Companies like Sound X can help you transform your home from just a building into something that adapts to and even anticipates your needs. The future is definitely here!

Add an outdoor entertainment area

Whether it’s a simple brick barbeque, DIY pizza oven or a state of the art outdoor grill and kitchenette, encouraging family members and guests to enjoy the garden adds loads of appeal. It makes entertaining easier and provides a comfortable spot to enjoy great weather and the outdoors from.

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Install more storage space

Bedrooms without built-in closet space are an immediate deterrent to potential buyers, especially those with kids or who plan to expand their family. Aside from giving the appearance that your property will need work when they move in, a lack of storage space is bound to mean your home looks more cluttered too. Investing in additional storage space makes sense for your family and for potential buyers.

Focus your efforts on shared rooms

Any estate agent will tell you that the kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms are the ones that undergo the closest scrutiny when they bring a potential buyer round for a viewing. If you’ve only got enough space in your budget to tackle a few rooms, then spending your money here first is the best way to begin. You can easily get a storage space under your name. However, before you make any major decision, you have to consider the logistical aspect of the facility. For example, you live in a busy city like London – you will want to have the closest storage unit possible. You know how driving through three blocks could quickly turn into a 30-minute ride depending on how congested the roads are, and knowing London, that is often the case. If you live in Camden, common sense will dictate you get a self storage unit in Camden. You can avoid all the traffic that comes with High Street areas and still be able to access your belongings with no problem.