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A Way You Can See Clearly Without Glasses or Contacts

If you have myopia and don’t like the way you look with glasses or contacts or can’t stand the glasses’ weight on your nose or pressure on your ears, a solution is here for you. Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) is an ideal choice for you. It is a new intraocular lens implantable into your eye without the natural lens removal.

A team of dedicated ophthalmic specialists at IC Laser Eye Care can customize a removable lens implant for you. The team offers Implantable Collamer Lens in Philadelphia and can assure you of long-term vision correction even if you are not a LASIK candidate. It is a safe and reliable way of improving your vision.

Why You Should Try ICL

Implantable Collamer lens is positioned inside the eye, unlike glasses and contact lenses on the eye’s surface. Therefore, it remains invisible, yet improving your vision. There are several other reasons why you should try an implantable Collamer lens. They include:

·   You get a clear vision without glasses or contact glasses.

·   It is a reversible procedure.

·   You can correct your vision even if you are not a candidate for LASIK OR PRK.

·   You get to avoid other options that can irreversibly remove, thin, or reshape your cornea.

·   It is the best option if you have high astigmatism.

·   It can correct high or even extremely short-sightedness.

The Procedure

ICL procedure is carried on after it is deemed to be the most effective and suitable option for you. Your provider numbs your eye to limit pain and discomfort during the procedure. A temporal incision, two side port incisions, and two tiny openings on your iris are then made. The implantable Collamer lens is placed through the temporal incision and moved behind the iris. This makes it sit in front of your natural lens.

The lens material is highly advanced to work with your natural eye. It is biocompatible with the eye and cannot be seen as a strange object in the eye. There are no stitches required, and no corneal tissue is removed. The procedure can take about 30 minutes, and your vision can improve immediately but may be gradual over the next few days.

Advantages of ICL

·   It is reversible as the lens is added to your eye to improve the vision but can be removed anytime there is a need. This is exceptional as laser procedures remove tissues from the eye permanently and cannot be reversed.

·   There is no dry eye as the ICL is biocompatible to the natural chemistry of the eye.

·   You experience excellent night vision, and the risk and occurrence of glare and halos is less. This is because the procedures do not affect the cornea in any way.

·   It has a fast recovery time in that it is a 20-30 minute procedure, and you can resume your daily activities within a few days with a clear vision. This is because there is no removal or thinning down of the cornea.

·   It offers protection from ultraviolet rays through a unique shielding property that blocks harmful UV rays.

Finally, many vision correction alternatives promise an improvement in your vision, but not many can offer the features and quality results as ICL. People are enjoying the many benefits of this alternative. Please don’t be left out; reach out to IC Laser Eye Care and have your vision improved significantly.