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Advice For Bringing Children To A Wedding

The experience of attending a wedding as a family is very different from that of attending as an individual or couple. You’ll need to plan family transportation, deal with temper tantrums, keep everyone entertained and fed throughout the day, and prepare for anything that might happen.

Rather than resigning yourself to the fact that planning and attending the wedding will be stressful, look for ways to make the day fun for you and the kids. Therefore, if you plan on bringing your children to a wedding, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Set Expectations

The most important part of planning a wedding is preparing your children for what they can expect on the big day. Tell your kids in age-appropriate language that they need to be good even when they’re bored.

Remind them that this is the bride and groom’s special day and that they should treat it as such by remaining polite and quiet throughout the ceremony, the meal, and the toasts. Your child will be better prepared to deal with boredom if you set some ground rules now, and they’ll understand why they have to be on their best behavior for as long as possible.

Choose The Right Clothes

How your child feels and acts at a wedding will depend on how comfortable they are. Choose the right clothes for the event and weather to keep them happy and comfortable. This could mean checking the forecast and ensuring you have a bag with plenty of additional layers, just in case. Or an entirely new outfit because accidents happen, and mess can be made.

This might sound expensive, but if you search for a Children’s Place coupon and use it to get some bargains, you can ensure you have not only the right clothing but enough of it to keep your children comfortable and as settled as possible.

Sit Close To The Aisle

Try to sit near the back and as close to the aisle as you can during the ceremony. It will let you quickly take your child to the bathroom or step outside if your toddler or baby has an emotional outburst during the wedding. When you get to the venue, don’t forget to find out where the bathrooms are so you won’t be in the way when the happy couple says their vows.

Bring Distractions

When bored, toddlers and young kids are more likely to act out and throw tantrums. Bring some items to ward off boredom and keep them occupied, such as coloring books and pencils or crayons, toy cars, or their favorite plush toys, to stop the outbursts. To control their behavior throughout the wedding, keep the toys hidden until they start to get cranky.

Of course, it’s wise not to bring any kind of toy that is going to make a noise or that could get away from your child and distract other guests. If you’re not sure what to bring, a few books can be ideal, depending on the child’s age.