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Aesthetic Medical Spa: Why It’s Good for You

Medical spas are popular for both women and men. Basically, it’s a hybrid between a medical clinic and a traditional day spa. For instance, an aesthetic medical spa in Albuquerque strives to blend these two worlds by incorporating a relaxing spa experience and expertise, procedures you only find at a doctor’s office.

The biggest difference is the procedures offered. Medical procedures can only be performed at a medical spa unlike traditional day spas. Medical spas are actually affiliated with a doctor who runs it and oversees the procedures. The procedures are driven by results.

Treatments Offered

Expect treatments for acne, hair removal, aging skin, etc. You enjoy luxurious treatments like seaweed wraps, facials, massage, and salt glows. Medical spas also offer specialized treatments only found at a plastic surgery clinic or dermatology clinic. These treatments include laser and light treatments. Others are injectables like chemical peels, Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm.

Other procedures offered include treating breakouts, reducing scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and improvement of your overall skin appearance.

Who Performs These Treatments?

It depends on the type of treatment. A physician oversees the treatments in a medical spa and supervises all procedures falling under the medical realm. Consequently, aestheticians handle routine spa therapies. An aesthetician does non-medical procedures such as all cosmetic procedures like wraps, body scrubs, and massage. An aesthetician can also perform non-invasive treatments such as superficial chemical peels, acne treatment facials, and microdermabrasion.

Each state has regulations regarding medical spas and medical procedures conducted by a physician. This means that injectables and chemical peels targeting deeper skin layers as well as both laser and light treatments must be done by a doctor.

Is It Wise to Go for Acne Treatment at a Medical Spa?

It really depends on your goals and the treatment you desire. You can treat acne with professional procedures or standard acne medications. Most people prefer to spend quality time in the spa-like environment as they find it more appealing. You have to pay for this experience.

Topical and oral medications can treat acne. However, a medical spa gives you a wholesome approach that benefits your skin more.

Why People Consider Medical Spas

Every medical spa is different and offers different procedures. Therefore, it really depends on where you go. So, visit their website or call to see if they offer the services you desire. 

Quality Over Quantity

Medical spas have quality treatments on the menu. Each treatment is performed with expert skill. Therefore, you are served better at a medical spa as the treatment is tailored to your specific needs. The aesthetic treatment options are most effective and the aestheticians have undergone good training and have the experience to handle your treatments to your satisfaction.

Treatments Supervised by a Physician

The fact that professionals closely supervise all treatments is reassuring. Top medical spas have knowledgeable and experienced aesthetic professionals working closely with a physician to develop treatment menus and to oversee daily operations. The aesthetic professional consults the supervising physician directly on major cases.

Comprehensive Complexion Analysis

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, a medical spa first conducts an analysis of your skin concerns and develops a treatment plan that suits your skincare needs. This process involves using high-resolution imaging to analyze your facial skin health concerns which helps in providing the right skincare treatment. Follow-up analysis examines if the treatment plan is effective.

Hand-Selected Beauty Products

The market has hundreds of beauty products and it can be difficult choosing the right one. A top medical spa selects the right products based on effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability.


A medical spa gives you more benefits than you get by walking to a beauty outlet and purchasing a skincare product. You get specialized treatment and help in picking the right skincare products that are effective and more suited to your needs.