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Amazing Apps to Track Your Jogging Progress


Sedentary jobs seem to have become the norm. At this point, most people spend their 8-hour workday in front of the computer. I am no exception. My job has me glued to the screen throughout the week.  Needless to say, this situation is hardly ideal for my health. I have put on a bit of weight and find it difficult to stay fit. Since I don’t have too much free time on my hands, any fitness routine I undertake has to be completely hassle-free. I also like to invest in as few pieces of equipment as possible. Eventually, I found a kind of exercise that was perfect for my needs.

Reap the benefits of jogging & get rid of excess weight

Jogging is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. It has helped me shed more pounds than I’d like to admit. My heart is healthier than ever before and even my blood sugar levels are down from their suspicious heights. All I had to do was to commit to a steady routine. All the jogging benefits came on their own in no time. Being consistent helped but none of it would’ve been possible if I hadn’t used the right apps to learn more about proper techniques and accurately track my progress. Seeing the numbers motivated me. Jogging benefits for the brain are also known to be numerous. The most obvious for me has been improved memory and ability to focus. Jogging benefits for the skin are nothing to sneeze at either. My skin hasn’t been so clear since my early 20’s.

Understand the difference between exercises to avoid exhaustion

If your aim is weight loss, you have probably looked into many different types of exercises and fitness regimens. Usually, the decision will boil down to a choice between two options. Jogging vs running was my dilemma. I went through some trusted online resources and apps, read up about the pros and cons, and was able to make an informed decision. As an almost total beginner, I needed something that was light yet effective in helping me shed my pounds. Considering walking vs running was perhaps a bit too extreme a gap but jogging ended up being the perfect middle ground.

Combine jogging with cycling if your progress is slow

Humans are easily bored. I know monotony gets on my nerves more than anything. This is why I eventually started looking into ways to enrich my routine. I couldn’t jog to work but my office was still within cycling distance. So I decided to add my bike to the equation and combine the two fitness routines. This merely average cycling distance helped me burn up to 1000 calories per day. Still, none of it would’ve been possible with the reliable information I was able to find online. These apps, in particular, helped me choose the right exercise for myself and accurately track my jogging progress with ease.

Great Apps to Get the Most out of Jogging

Combining long-distance cycling benefits with those of jogging has been an amazing decision.


Staying fit in our day and age is not exactly easy. I couldn’t afford to spend hours in the gym nor was I willing to waste thousands on expensive equipment. Jogging ended up being the right answer and it fit my needs like a glove. Occasionally combining it with cycling also helped a lot. I relied on trusted apps to guide me through the process, provide me with all the info I need, and help me track my progress which ended up being substantial. I now have 50 pounds less and feel better than ever.