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An Alternative Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2021

Each year it gets harder and harder to find a gift to give to a dad, grandad or partner on Father’s Day that you haven’t already covered. Socks, pants, gadgets and the like are popular choices but can be overdone and predictable if you go for the safe option every year. Instead, this Father’s Day, why not opt for a more unique and alternative gift for the dads in your life? 

To help you on your gift-finding quest this year, here’s a collation of some alternative Father’s Day gift ideas for the men in your life that have everything. 

Shaving kit

Most men will shave regularly to keep their facial hair at bay and avoid letting it become unruly. Despite this, not every man will have found the right razor or shaving technique for them. We are all reluctant to spend money on ourselves, so often we will settle for the cheapest razor on the shelves. Buying gifts for other people is a perfect opportunity to spoil someone and buy them something they may never consider investing in for themselves. 

A luxury and high-quality shaving kit is a great gift idea for dads that allows them to try new grooming products and spend a bit more time on themselves each day. Shaving kits are ideal as gifts as they provide the recipient with all they need to experiment with a new routine and indulge in some proper self-care time. 

The English Shaving Company offer a range of shaving kits and gift sets containing various types of products to treat your dad to, whether you think they’d enjoy a kit with a premium double-edge safety razor, shaving brush or a selection of pre or post-shave products to use when shaving. 


If the dads in your life already have all the shaving products they need, skincare is another way to introduce some leisure and joy into their daily routine. Although skincare is more commonly used, talked about and promoted by women, it’s just as important for men of all ages to look after their skin too. Skincare doesn’t just allow men to keep acne away or at bay, it also has many anti-ageing benefits and can protect skin from sun damage. 

Why not treat your dad or grandad to a skin serum, rich moisturiser, eye cream or an SPF? There’s a huge range of skincare to choose from to help the men in your life start to build up a skincare routine that they can stick to and even enjoy long term. 


You can’t go wrong with a new cologne or aftershave for the dads in your life and although it’s less of a unique gift, the scent you go for can make it truly special. A lovely gift idea is to pinpoint any special memories you have with your dad, grandad or partner and find a fragrance that suits that. Or, think of your partner’s favourite smells and try to find a scent that you know they will love. Scents are a great way to evoke emotion in both yourself and other people so a special aftershave, cologne or eau de toilette that contains notes of personal memories or favourite smells is bound to be a cherished gift.