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Are Long Distance Relationships Worth the Effort?

By no means is the data I collected and used to compile this post of a scientific grade, but I mean I live here on earth as well and I can see for myself what’s going on. Of all the people I know, whether they’re close friends, family members, relatives, acquaintances or work colleagues or even celebrities, the general trend of the divorce rate being 50 per cent seems to hold water across the board.

This is why when it comes to the question of whether long distance relationships are worth it or not, one then naturally thinks about it from a bigger-picture point of view. About 50 per cent of long distance relationships work out, which is consistent with the overall stat tied to relationships. Of course we’re talking here about serious relationships which involve two people who are looking to build some kind of future together, and not about going on a series of dates and then not ever seeing each other again because there was no magic.

So the question of whether or not long distance relationships are worth the effort only has one answer and that is yes, but it depends on how serious the parties involved are. If you really want to make it work, then it’s worth pursuing the dream of being together, but there’ll be lots of hard work involved to try and make it work because as you know, distance just adds a whole new dynamic to the many challenges already faced by any couple seeking to pair up with each other.

Insecurities can be bred by simple actions which are often taken for granted, such as how one prospect could be the one who always texts first or calls, and so many other little things that are actually quite significant.

It all starts with the initial attraction – the initial spark which makes you want to act on something you suspect could turn into something really magical. That alone is worth at least trying to work something out and it’s okay to resign to the fact that the anatomy of the subsequent courtship or relationship that ensues for the subsequent period of time assumes that of something like a digital love.

Between the voice calls, video calls and all the texting, there’s not much else you can do to keep the flame alive until it can be fuelled by closer proximity. This is when things can get a little hazy because you start falling into somewhat of a routine which entails telling each other about your day, perhaps discussing hopes and dreams and maybe even just talking about everything and anything.

Ultimately though, what counts in the end is that you should be working towards closing that distance. In other words, one of you has to make the sacrifice to relocate so that you can be with your significant other, otherwise there really is no point to any of the back-and-forth. Emotional support has its power limited by distance and sooner or later that’s going to start showing.

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