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Baby Shower Game Ideas: 6 Games for a Baby Shower

A baby shower is supposed to be a celebration for a new member of your family, and this party can be much more enjoyable for guests when it’s turned into a game. Here are 6 party games that will surely make the baby shower one of the most memorable celebrations.

1) Baby Shower Jeopardy

The first baby shower game ideas is Baby Shower Jeopardy. Make up some game boards that have spaces for each baby shower theme (names, dates, etc.). Then, make up a list of trivia items related to everything that has something to do with the baby shower. Guests pick a card, read it, and answer the question before anyone else does. The guest with the most points at the end of the party wins!

2) Baby Word Scramble

To play this game you will need 8-10 baby-related words and categories. Depending on how many guests you have, you might need more words or categories. Each person will receive a blank grid and marker. Choose a timekeeper (this can be done by having all players turn their clocks on). Then, you will each be given a category to put your letters in. The timekeeper changes categories every 10 minutes. You can play as many rounds as you want!

3) Baby Shower Bingo

The game of bingo is a classic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it to a whole new level for the baby shower. For this game, use the baby shower theme, such as “flowers” or “pink”. Then, print out Bingo cards. Each person places their Bingo card in front of them and tries to get all of the theme words!

4) Guess the Baby Food

This is a fun game to play at a baby shower. All you need is a bunch of different jars of baby food and an answer sheet. Write down the names of each type of baby food on small pieces of paper. Now, put them in the baby food jars and pick one out of each jar for each guest. The guests then try to guess what is in their jar by asking yes or no questions about it!

5) Mommy Makeover

This game is great for all ages (not just expectant mothers). It’s easy to construct your own makeover board! Start by drawing or printing out a huge face and cut it into little pieces. You can even cut out pieces with different expressions on each piece, like smiley faces and frowny faces. Then, staple the pieces onto construction paper and hang them around the baby shower room!

6) Guess Who?

This is a simple game to play that is great for all ages. Print out a list of all of the guests. Then, write down their names on index cards and put them in a pile in front of you. One of you should turn over three cards at a time (keep them secrete), then the other guests ask yes or no questions about the guest to see if you can guess who they are!

Just remember to buy the mother-to-be some nice non-alcoholic drinks to help make the party go with a swing.