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Back to the Office Décor Tips to Maximize That Will Maximize Your Productivity

As you approach your desk when you’re getting ready to start your workday, how do you feel? The environment that you create in your space can play a major role in the attitude towards your work and how productive you will be that day.  There are décor tips that are both simple and economic that can help you feel more organized, energized, and motivated to be successful.

These tips are great for people that are still working at home, are going back to the office, or a combination or both.  It’s also great for people that have large or small offices, as it is more about creating a functional space than the amount of space that you have.  If you can implement just a few of these ideas, you will be well on your way to a happier place to spend a large part of your working day.

Focus on Lighting

When a room is bright and well lit, you will have less eye strain that comes from trying to read on your computer or paper in low light.  To maximize natural light, try using sheer window treatments over dark shades.  Try layering lights so that you have one flush mount or similar in the center of the room, a desk lamp at your desk, and another standing lamp so that the light is coming from different areas of the room.  There are many types of lightbulbs too. Some can mimic natural light which can be a mood booster.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Even if you are not the type of person that likes minimalist design, getting rid of old papers, pens that don’t work anymore, and post-its with notes that are not relevant can be refreshing.  The more clutter you have, the more overwhelmed you will feel because it looks like a big mess that needs to be cleaned up.  A great habit is to clear up your desk at the end of the day before turning off your computer. This way you are coming back to an organized desk and will ready to start the new day with a positive attitude.

Customize Your Desk Space

A custom desk mat is a great way to both organize your space and personalize it.  Love Desk Mats, for example, offer desk pads in a variety of sizes that are a fun way to style your desk space and make it your own.  These pads feature easy to clean, thick neoprene fabric, and a natural rubber base which can protect the surface of your desk. They also create a smooth surface to use your mouse.

Highlight Your Favorite Hues

Don’t underestimate the power of bright and happy colors. Each color has a special meaning, but what’s most important are the colors that remind you of a fun vacation, your favorite sweater, or a color that makes you happy.  Incorporate your favorite color in artwork, photography, or office supplies like folders and even your desk chair.

Add A Plant

Greenery is all the range in home and office décor and with good reason. Bringing a sense of the outside indoors is soothing and takes you back to nature. While you are enjoying the good vibes that a plant can bring you, it’s also good for purifying your air. Not every plant is the same and here’s another great way to personalize your space with a variety that you enjoy looking at or makes you calm when things might feel hectic.