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Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

Tarzana laser gum surgery procedures are increasing exponentially. The procedure is used to perform both cosmetic and restorative changes to the gums.

The reason laser gum therapy is becoming so popular is because of the benefits of the procedure which include:

Less Bleeding

Many patients with gum diseases experience frequent bleeding which also contributes to bone loss. Laser gum therapy will ensure that the bleeding reduces substantially.

 Lasers not only eradicate the bacteria from the gums but they also kill the ones that remain. The lack of bacteria is what reduces the rate of bleeding from, and swelling of, the gums.


Many people fear to go to the dentist’s office because of the painful procedures. I doubt anyone enjoys the sensation of needles prickling the inside of their mouths.

A major benefit of laser gum surgery is that there are no injections involved. That means less pain since you only get injected once with general anesthesia.

You will also experience less pain after the procure which means taking fewer pain drugs.

Takes Little Time

Laser surgery does not take as much time to perform as other dental procedures. A laser surgery session does not take more than an hour. You will need several sessions though for optimal results.

Laser surgery treatment also takes less time to heal. The effects of the surgery should be gone in two to four weeks. Some people are able to go about their day after the procedure.

The procedure causes minuscule damage to the gums, teeth, or tongue so healing time is far less than traditional surgery.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Laser gum surgery is a non-invasive procedure that needs no injection or drilling as is the case with traditional surgery. The lasers are very accurate and they are able to activate healing in gums without intruding.

The procedure makes patients more relaxed since there is no injection or invasion. That makes the use of anesthesia less important.

Better Results

Laser gum surgery cases show that it has much better results than traditional surgery. The difference in quality can be measured in terms of longevity.

Traditional surgeries are also long-term solutions and can be effective for several years. Laser gum surgery patients have shown stability five years after the procedure.

There are also fewer cases of gum diseases returning than with traditional surgery.

Less Risk of Bacterial Infection

After traditional dental surgery, you still run the risk of getting the healing wounds infected and becoming sick again. The reason is that there are incisions made into your flesh which increases the chance of bacterial infections.

With laser gum surgery, there is no incision to be made hence no place for bacteria to affect. You also only need one tool for the job which means less sterilization and fewer tools to be infected.

Less Dietary Restrictions

After traditional surgery, the dentist will recommend that you stay away from certain foods for a while. If you do not follow the instructions, the results of your surgery may be impeded.

With laser surgery, many patients feel well enough to eat after the procedure. They are able to return to their normal diets by the next day.