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Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy in Salt Lake City is growing in popularity. Research indicates, however, that the treatment has been in practice for the past 150 years. Ozone is an odorless gas consisting of three oxygen atoms.

Ozone therapy is used to improve the body’s intake of oxygen and how it utilizes it. Ozone therapy is used to treat diseases by disinfecting the area around the infection. It also enhances the immune system and doubles the body’s intake and use of oxygen.

Ozone therapy is unique in that it is one of the few treatments in medicine that uses gas. Benefits of ozone therapy include the following:

Improved Blood Circulation

By improving the manner in which your body makes use of oxygen, ozone therapy also opens up the blood vessels and increases blood flow in arteries and veins. Blood pressure is crucial to overall health. When you have better circulation, you will see better improvements from exercise and your diet. Your cognitive functions will also be improved.

Less Inflammation

Ozone therapy reduces the amount of inflammation – the main cause of disease – in the body in several ways. 

Inflammation is reduced by the improved immune functions in the body. The less harmful bacteria in your body, the less inflammation it has. It also reduces inflammation by improving blood circulation. 

All of the above factors combine to minimize inflammation substantially.

Boost in Brain Function

You can use ozone therapy to improve your cognitive abilities. The more oxygen your brain gets the better it functions.

Ozone therapy’s brain enhancements also include better recall. You will be able to recall more information, and faster.

Stimulated Immune System

One of the biggest advantages of ozone therapy are the effects on your immune system. It completely transforms it and boosts it several times over.

The better your immune system, the less prone you are to diseases and infections of any kind. Your general health will improve and that also includes your mental health.

A stronger immune system also means faster recovery from physical activity. Therefore, if coupled with exercise, ozone therapy can have tremendous advantages.

Normalized Hormone and Enzyme Production

Hormones are vital chemicals in the body that regulate physiology and behavior. Abnormal hormone levels lead to erratic behavior and poor bodily functions.

Enzymes are catalysts that are important for functions such as digestion. Ozone therapy will ensure that enzyme production is consistent.

Helps Diabetes Patients

Diabetes patients are at a higher risk of developing complications and contracting diseases than the rest of the population. Ozone therapy can be used alongside other treatments to assist diabetic patients.

It will improve their immune system, for starters, which will make them less susceptible to diseases. They will also be able to better regulate the insulin levels in their bodies.

Increased Blood Clotting Ability

Ozone therapy will also improve your ability to stop bleeding, which can make the difference between life and death. Being able to clot blood faster means your body will be less prone to infections when you are injured.

Athletes, and security and law enforcement officers are examples of those who can benefit from ozone therapy.