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Best Communities in North Carolina for Raising a Family

North Carolina is a beautiful state. What’s more, it has high profile colleges and schools perfect for your family’s education. North Carolina is a place that can make your kids’ lives and childhood magical.

North Carolina is also among the most affordable states. It has plenty of job prospects and social amenities. Vacation destinations in the state are close by, cheap and diverse. You can decide to live in the rural areas of North Carolina and be in the city in less than 15 minutes.

You can also get houses with plenty of space, or you can opt to reside in downtown apartments. Your children can join private schools, public schools, or charter schools. No matter the location you pick in North Carolina, you can be sure it’s an excellent place for your family. But, which communities are the best for your family?

Read on to find out.

Chapel Hill

This is one of the happiest packed communities that are filled with cheerful families. The schools here are excellent, and the neighborhoods are crime-free. What more could a caring parent ask for? Chapel Hill is at the center of North Carolina. It’s equidistant from the coast and mountains.

The community is business-minded and its politics have influenced the global stage. It’s a place that is filled with goodness and never wants to brag about itself. This modest charm makes it a great community to raise a family.

It’s never challenging to find a nice home in Chapel Hill. You can find an affordable condo managed by a reputable Chapel Hill property management company, or buy a house in one of the city’s great neighborhoods.


The community has a population of about 89,729. It has remarkable family friendliness and amenities score. Most of the households in this community have kids. This means that your children will never lack company.

Concord is the largest community in Cabarrus County. When it comes to population, the town is the second largest in the Charlotte Metropolitan region.

Wake Forest

This is a community that is situated in Franklin and Wake counties in North Carolina. However, the community is entirely located in wake County. It lies North of Raleigh state capital. It has a population of 30,117. Back in 2007, the town was ranked by Forbes as the 20th fastest growing suburb in the United States. It’s a good town for doing business.

Wake Forest is the home town for the 182-year-old Wake Forest University. The institution was later moved to Winston-Salem back in 1956.


This is the seventh-most significant municipality in the state. The town is situated in Wake County. It has a small area lying in Chatham Counties. The community has a population of 135,234. The communities’ population is estimated to rise to about 159,769. It’s filled with good schools, the social amenities are reliable, and there are low levels of crime.

In Cary, Teachers are helpful and kind. Be assured that they will give your children the best education possible.