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Best Places to Raise a Family in the U.S.

When looking for the best place to raise your family, people tend to focus on the best public schools as well as kid-friendly activities around the community. In addition, people like to make sure that they are moving somewhere where the weather is nice! It can cause a lot of stress for the family during long, hard winters where you are forced to remain cooped up inside all winter long! Safety also is a factor for families when deciding on a location!

1. Carmel, IN

The percentage of children living here is 13 percent higher than many of the other cities around the United States. There is a wide array of activities that are family-friendly and contains some of the most top-rated schools. The neighborhoods in this area are affordable and there is a very low crime rate. Carmel also holds the third best hospital in the entire state, Indiana University Health North Hospital.

2. Newport Beach, CA

While residential Newport Beach real estate in Southern California is some of the most valuable in the country, the premium being paid is more than justified. There are many reasons why Southern California is an amazing place to consider living. The great beaches and amazing parks are something that can be enjoyed year-round, as the weather is always wonderful. You are just a short drive away from the desert, the mountains and even Mickey Mouse!

3. Cary, NC

This city is rated as the state’s second most livable location. It provides a lot of sunny weather, an amazing public school system and many amenities for families to enjoy. It provides residents with a small-town feel but is located within close proximity to major cities with some amazing shopping! The crime rate is four times lower than the average in the United States, making it incredibly safe for the family!

4. Franklin Park, PA

This is the number one suburb of Pittsburgh to raise your family in! The public school system here is excellent, making sure your children receive a great STEM education while also encouraging students to pursue visual and performing arts. The environment and the community events are family-friendly, for everyone to enjoy! There are a lot of jobs available here and the neighborhoods are pretty affordable! Overall, the crime rate is 87 percent lower than the average in the United States, making this one of the safest cities to consider when looking for a safe location to raise your family.

5. Highland Park, TX

This small town is just a short drive from a major city, Dallas, to get all of your shopping needs and restaurant needs! Due to the small town, it provides a community feel that is very tight-knit. The cost of living here tends to be on the higher side, but there are upsides to choosing this location to raise your family. There are many amenities to enjoy as well as some of the most top-rated schools for your kids. The housing market is very stable and the crime rate is 21 percent lower than the average for the nation, making it a safe place for your family. Due to the close proximity to Dallas, those who live in Highland Park are able to have access to top health care and some of the highest-rated hospitals.