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Beware of these 5 Destructive Garden Bugs

If you are looking forward to getting quality yields from your garden, then you must gain knowledge about the tricks of inspecting pest infestations and getting rid of them. Ideally, having a few pests in your garden is normal, but when their number is intolerable for  your plants, you must consider extermination.

Pests of different species invade your garden to feed on the crops causing damages on crops. Apart from contacting a top rated pest control company to help you remove the pests in your garden, you should learn how to do it yourself. Below are five pests that you should beware of.

Five destructive pests in your garden

1. Aphids

Aphids are tiny bugs with long antennae. You are likely to find them hanging around your ripe fruits, flowers, and vegetables. They feed on plant causing leaf foliage, mold growth and leaf dropping. If you want to get rid of this bug in your garden, you can water your plants with sprayed water, cover them with floating row covers, or apply repellants. Useful repellants include neem oil, insecticidal soap, and garlic sprays. This will help you minimize the bug population or make your garden a no go zone for aphids.

2. Grasshoppers

Trust me. You cannot bear the presence of grasshoppers in your garden. These insects consume nearly one-half of their body weight per day. They have short antennae, prominent jaws and come in different colors. The most common ones in North America are the green grasshoppers.

The creatures have wings and can jump from one crop to another in the garden while feeding on plant leaves and stems. Use botanical pesticide in order to get rid of this bug in the garden. You can also use grasshopper traps or spray the plants with neem oil to keep them off.

3. Flea Beetle

Flea Beetles are small and dark insects that feed on your plant leaves and roots. The insects have wings they use to fly when disturbed. To get rid of the Flea Beetles in your garden you can apply floating row covers or make homemade garlic spray. Spray your crops regularly to keep the insects away from the garden.

4. Scales

Scales are bugs that you should not tolerate in your garden. In their larval stage, they are tiny and have threadlike mouthparts. You will find them in fruits, on trees, and indoor plants. To get rid of scales in your garden, spray the plants with neem oil, use native predators in the garden, and prune all infested plants in the garden.

5. Cabbage maggot

Cabbage maggots like to feed on cabbage-family crops. They create holes in the crops, therefore lowering their quality and attracting other pests to the plant. If you want to get rid of these bugs in the garden, you can apply parasitic nematodes around the plant roots, delay planting, and apply floating row covers on the plants.


Most bugs infest your garden because you forget to spray your crops regularly. To keep the bugs mentioned above off your garden, you must ensure you practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM). You can contact a pest control company to help you remove bugs from your garden and improve your yields.