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Book a Stay in a Quality City Hotel in the Heart of Makati

Makati is the center of international commerce in the sprawling metropolis of Manila, but it’s a vibrant and colorful hub of restaurants, bars, art galleries, museums, and historical sites as well. Booking a city hotel room in Makati provides people visiting the city for business or pleasure with the ideal location to enjoy everything that Makati has to offer. 

Makati is an area of contrasts. By day, people from all over Manila make their way to the area in business attire to work in the numerous modern skyscrapers and towers of the district. But when the day ends, these people head to all the bars, restaurants, and entertainment places along the streets of Makati to relax and enjoy a meal or a few drinks with their friends and colleagues. By making a city hotel in Makati your choice of accommodations, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Perfect for Business or Pleasure

For people visiting Manila on business, the most practical place to stay is in Makati. Most of the multinational corporations make their home in the area. There are plenty of places to eat lunch. Once the business has concluded for the day, you can entertain business partners, colleagues, and clients at any one of the many restaurants, bars, and entertainment places within a short walk of the office towers. And it’s close to Ninoy Aguino International airport for business people on a tight schedule.  

For pleasure travelers who’ve never before experience Manila, booking a city hotel in Makati puts you right in the heart of Manila. It can serve as a convenient base to tour the vast metropolis of Manila as it provides shorter travel times in the often congested traffic of the city. 

Makati is a Tourist Destination

Travelers who book a hotel room in Makati City may find there’s so much to see within the borders of the area that they spend their entire visit just exploring the streets, parks, markets, historical sites, and museums. 

Start your day with some exercise in Legazpi Active Park. This is a beautiful park with tropical vegetation that’s a magnet for the joggers and exercise enthusiasts of the city. Once the workday ends, the park can get crowded, so it’s best to enjoy it in the early morning. 

If you’re in town on the weekend, Salcedo Saturday Market is the best place to browse and sample Filipino street food from the many stalls offering it fresh and made to order. 

For visitors into art and history, visit Leon Gallery for the best in Filipino art and culture. Guadalupe Church and Yuchengco Museum offer a glimpse into the past of Manila. 

With everything that this vibrant area offers, it’s no wonder that city hotels in Makati are popular with both international and regional travelers. Discover for yourself all the excitement and color of Makati.