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Bothered by Any of These 7 Issues? Labiaplasty May Be the Answer

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of the labia. Many people mistakenly believe this surgery is done on the vagina, but this is not true. Women who are experiencing uncomfortable issues from labia problems will find this procedure gives them relief and better self-esteem.

What Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure that seeks to trim excess skin from the labia. This surgical procedure trims the labia minora and ensures they are held within the labia major, containing the labia properly and ensuring the woman’s genitals have a normal look. In some cases, the surgeon will also trim a hooded clitoral area to allow a woman to better enjoy sexual intercourse.

This can certainly improve the confidence of women to engage in sexual activities. Women in the later stages of their lives can supplement this treatment with O-Shot treatment in Odessa, TX (or wherever they live). This is so that they can have an increase in libido and can experience a more enjoyable sex life with their partner. Both these treatments are generally considered safe and reliable, with no known side effects.

7 Issues Labia Cosmetic Procedures Can Correct

Many women experience problems with excess labia skin. This excess skin will often cause a woman to feel embarrassed about her appearance. The following are some of the top complaints of women with excess labia skin.

  1. Swimsuits and Underwear

Women are often embarrassed to wear a bikini or a thong because their excess labia tissue can hang out. In some women, the excess skin can even show as a bulge through yoga or other tight-fitting pants.

  1. Sexual Intercourse

Many women with labia excess find it difficult to engage in sexual intercourse because the tissue gets in the way of their normal function. In some cases, sex can even be painful for these women. Women with excess labial tissue often have a hooded clitoris, making it difficult for them to achieve an orgasm. Once this surgery is done, they may be able to find sex a lot easier, as well as when they are using items such as a rabbit vibrator for personal pleasure.

  1. Riding a Bike

Riding a bike can be extremely uncomfortable for many women with this issue. The folds of the skin rub against the seat of the bike and create friction, which often results in very painful skin irritation and could lead to infection.

  1. Running

Some women report they have trouble running and participating in some forms of exercise because when they get sweaty, their labia will stick to the sides of their legs and can cause painful tear injuries.

  1. Cleaning

The excess flaps of skin will also make it difficult for a woman to clean herself properly. The skin folds can harbor bacteria and lead to fungal infections.

  1. Appearance

Many women feel embarrassed about the appearance of their genitals because of the excess tissue. They may be embarrassed to be seen nude or participate in any sexual activity.

  1. Pain

Labial hypertrophy will often cause pain in a lot of women. This pain is often caused by extra friction that occurs while walking or even sitting. Excess friction can break down the skin’s integrity and lead to painful open sores.

Scheduling a Consultation Is Important

Women who are dealing with this issue should consider seeking a consultation appointment to learn if they are a good candidate for this procedure. A plastic surgeon will discuss the cosmetic procedure in great detail and help a woman to understand the benefits and risks. With labia surgery, the excess tissue will be removed and a woman will feel more confident and less discomfort.


Women who are suffering from labial hypertrophy do not have to face this condition alone, and they should not feel embarrassed. Many women suffer from the condition, but it can easily be corrected by a common cosmetic surgery. With this procedure, the genitals will be made to look normal and a woman will feel confident wearing any clothing she prefers.