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Brand New DJ Alternative: The Digital Jukebox Review

When it comes to any form of celebration, the music is always at the centre of it. Music is the only real feature of an event that can truly make or break the guest’s experience. Sure, the venue is essential, the food better be good, but it’s the music that gets the crowd going and sets the tone for the rest of the day, and later on into the night.

So to ensure that everybody can have a good time, it’s so important to get the music right. Many couples will turn to bands & DJ’s to ensure their music is just the way they like it. However, for some people, they don’t quite cut.

In recent years, a new alternative has grown in popularity. That is the digital jukebox.

The digital jukebox is at the very cutting edge when it comes to music playing technology. Many digital jukebox models will boast internet streaming and touchscreen control. They are perfect for both commercial events and even for homes too! There are countless special features to be used to help you manage your sound, alongside a considerable degree of control for operators.

In this guide, we are going to review the digital jukebox, by glossing over some of the advantages that users can come to expect when they hire one of these advanced speakers for their event. Regardless of whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or even just a small gathering at your home, a digital Jukebox may be precisely what you need to spice up the music selection a little bit.

What is Digital Jukebox?

A digital jukebox blends a classic musical style with the most up-to-date technology, making for the perfect alternative to a DJ for your party or event. What makes them so unique is that it gives all of the power to your guests, allowing them to select the exact kind of music that they like best and dance to all their favourite tunes.

Perhaps even if you do plan on having a band or DJ at your event, the digital Jukebox is perfect for when the group is setting themselves up or perhaps when they are taking a break themselves.

Why get a digital Jukebox?

Something a little bit different

Whether you have a retro theme or not, guests will always flock to the digital jukebox and take control of sing choices with all the music they will ever need at their fingertips. It’s a great way to direct the attention of your guests and something to make their night a little bit extra special.

Extremely high quality

When you use Trez Entertainment for your digital jukebox, you will know that you are getting digital jukeboxes of the very highest quality. Each one of our jukeboxes uses the most advanced technology and software to ensure that you will get the smoothest and most reliable performance possible for your special event.

The high-tech sound system is fitted within a beautifully and carefully refurbished wooden jukebox, which combines first-class audio quality with a charming, vintage look.

Almost any track you want

Our jukeboxes come with a vast supply of more than 28,000 different tracks. You are guaranteed that your guests will love having the chance to be the DJ, using the touch screen feature to select all their favourite hits, to compile playlists and add new songs as the evening progresses. We even go as far as uploading particular tracks to the system before your day even starts.

If you’re worried about awkward pauses in the music, you don’t have to. The advanced software that we use in our jukeboxes can fill in the gaps with similar sounding music, meaning you don’t eve need to worry about being left red-faced during the awkward moments when the music stops.

A cost-effective alternative

If you have ever tried to plan a wedding or any other event, then you will know just how quickly the costs can tally up. The central part of these costs? The music, of course. As everyone knows, Hiring a DJ can be expensive (and don’t get us started on a band), between the cost per hour and other equipment that you may have to pay, the prices just quickly add up. But now, the digital Jukebox is a much more cost-friendly alternative. Unlike a band or DJ, you won’t be charged by the hour with a digital Jukebox, but you will instead just pay a one time fee. This means that if you have an event that may run into the small hours, the digital Jukebox maybe your best option.


In conclusion, then, there are numerous advantages to a digital jukebox, over the likes of a band or DJ. Not only is it a great way to blast a whole range of songs, and get people onto the dance floor, but it also gives your guests the freedom to pick which ones they want, to make sure they are happy all night long.

On top of that, it’s a much more cost effective alternative in comparison to a band or DJ. You’re getting much better bang for your buck, and there’s less hassle involved. When you choose one of our digital jukeboxes, we come and set it up for you, no stress, no fussing and no headaches.