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Build a Breastfeeding Friendly Wardrobe

After delivering the baby, every mother wants to have a sane wardrobe again. Eager to pounce back to those skinny jeans and flirty tees, well I hate to burst your bubble of hope if you are a breastfeeding mother. Motherhood will test you in every way possible yet it will be the most rewarding feeling ever, trust me. Breast milk is the best diet for your newborn, packed with nutrition and all the things needed for a baby’s healthy immune system. If mothers come across any issue regarding breastfeeding we at MilkyMama have answers to all your questions and queries. Try our breast milk supplement for boosting the natural milk supply.

After wearing ill-fitted, shapeless and baggy clothes for a good 6 months every woman craves to look put-together again. But it is very challenging for a new mother to be at her fashionable best, especially breastfeeding mothers. The constant struggle to juggle between house-work, the infant and yourself, taking stress of how toincrease milk supply and keeping yourself sane, is enough to wear you down, thinking about how you look is what you want to address but don’t have time to. Breastfeeding clothes are the new saviors who make you look trendy, chic and super comfy. These clothes are designed to aid mothers and to make their daunting life a bit easier.

Not every mother has the budget to go on a shopping spree to those high- end stores and get their breastfeeding wardrobe sorted. Parenthood means you already have to increase your budgets and spend on baby clothes, diapers, baby supplies and may be on breast milk supplements. No doubt these are super cute and comfy clothes, they make the breastfeeding experience less overwhelming, but they can burn a big fat hole in your pocket. An updated wardrobe that suits your new needs is absolutely pivotal but it can be done without spending a lot of money.

Wearing right clothes that don’t hinder the breastfeeding process is a massive relief in embracing motherhood in full swing. If you want to be discreet or you don’t have any qualms in feeding your baby in public, comfortable clothing is essential and ones that don’t make the mother sacrifice her style are the best.

When you want to build a workable breastfeeding wardrobe, keep in mind that the pieces must be in prints, patterns and shades that help you conceal those unexpected leaks. Light color fabrics or solid colors can make the leaks much more visible. Breast pads can also be of some help but they only come to assistance to a certain degree. Sweaters, scarfs, jackets and vests also come in handy when you quickly want to cover up any stain. They also help you to feed discreetly and provide some privacy. Tight-fitting bras, underwire bras, push bras all put unnecessary pressure on the breasts which can further result in sore nipples, mastitis, plugged milk ducts and a decrease in milk supply.

Different kinds of breastfeeding clothes that are a must-have in every new mom’s wardrobe

Breastfeeding wardrobe has evolved greatly with time, it can now comprise of casual wear, formal wear, professional wear and even party wear. A large variety of tank tops, dresses, blouses, tees and lounge wear is made to accommodate the needs of the breastfeeding mums. Found in maternity shops, online sites, and departmental stores and also at high-end stores, it’s easier than ever to build a strong breastfeeding wardrobe without spending top dollar. Here is a list of clothing you might want to add to your new wardrobe.

Nursing bras

Having nursing bras is paramount to your breastfeeding success. A comfortable bra that gives support doesn’t let the breasts sack and help maintain the shape of your breasts is always a good investment. Nursing bra has flaps or panels that you can detach or pull down. The pulling up of the bra to relieve the breasts for feeding is not good as it can lead to clogged ducts. Choose bras that have a breathable, soft, natural and absorbent fabric. Avoid bras that put unnecessary pressure on your breasts. This can result in a decrease in milk supply.  The variety in these nursing bras is wide and so pretty that moms should not have any reservations wearing them.

Tank Top

There is not much of a difference between a nursing tank top or any tank top. As long as it is stretchy enough from the top it will well. A basic spaghetti strap tank top looks cute and comfortable at the same time. Look for the straps that are adjustable or at least try them on to see if they stretch enough. With a hungry crying baby in your lap, you don’t want to fight with the straps or struggle to pull down the top. Buying fancy schmancy lacey finished tops will not help, they probably will be ruined in constant washing and pulling.

Shirts, Blouses and Tees

Step three towards a friendly breastfeeding is the blouse, tee or shirt you’ll be wearing on top of the bra and tank top. Breastfeeding wardrobe is all about easy, unhindered access of the breasts whenever the baby is hungry. I personally can vouch for the convenience that button down shirts provide. Just open a couple of buttons and you are ready to feed and you also don’t have to compromise on the style so much, I mean who doesn’t love button downs? Having said that a comfortable, soft and loosely fitted tee is a crowd pleaser and loved by many. Pick the ones with a deep V-neck or scoop-neck so you can easily pull the neck down and get on with the feeding.

Dresses or formal wear

When you are heading out with the baby, what worries the mothers most is weird timing of the babies crying for feed. They will get you on your worst so be prepared. Invest in some crossover tops or dresses that give easy access to the baby. All throw in a scarf or shawl which compliments your outfit. It comes in handy when you want to be discreet in public. Wrapping around dresses is nursing mama’s best friend. They look super-hot and give no problem when nursing.

I strongly recommend preparing a breastfeeding wardrobe before the baby is born. After child-birth it would be difficult to hunt for clothes. The range of clothing options for nursing is amazing and one must invest in them to make motherhood a little bit easier.