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Buy Sterling Silver Bangles & Bracelets at Wholesale Prices Today

With the holiday season in full swing, now is the perfect time to buy a little something special for the man or woman in your life, and nothing expresses feelings like an elegant piece of jewelry. For centuries, jewelry has been a staple gift to express gratitude and devotion to another person, and few types of jewelry provide the sophistication of a precious metal adornment without being gaudy or flashy like silver does. With the world pivoting to e-commerce, many jewelers are reducing their overhead costs, meaning that you can find sterling silver bangle bracelets at wholesale prices with ease.

There are tremendous benefits of investing in jewelry like bangle bracelets made from sterling silver, and the wholesale prices that have flooded the market make it too good of an opportunity to pass up. This holiday season, consider giving the gift of timeless fashion. 

Benefits of Buying Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is one of the most coveted precious metals for a good reason. By definition, sterling silver denotes 92.5% pure silver (this is often noted as 925 on labels and information), and it is this purity that makes it so valuable to consumers. By gifting someone a piece of sterling silver jewelry, you are showing them that they deserve the purest metals, not some cheap alloy covered in a silver coating.  If you are looking to buy sterling silver bracelets or bangles from a wholesaler, make sure you see that 925

It is also a very durable metal that can last for generations if properly taken care of. Treating and cleaning your sterling silver does take patience and a precise cleaning method; however, the results will far and away outweigh the effort. When you pay a bit extra for 925 sterling silver, you know that you have purchased a piece of jewelry that will last you the rest of your life.

That last point is important, as despite ongoing changes in fashion and jewelry design, silver pieces will always have a place within current fashion trends.  Because it isn’t flashy like gold, silver fits with most styles and is appropriate for almost any occasion. Its subtle elegance is what has made it so popular all these generations.  

The Flood of Wholesale Prices

There are a few key factors in why so many pieces of sterling silver jewelry are being sold at wholesale prices. Chief among them is the global shift away from traditional retail and offline stores and the pivot towards online sales.  Many businesses have remained open despite having to close their storefronts, which has resulted in these businesses needing to offload inventory. By recalculating their numbers, many have realized that they can afford to sell goods at a wholesale price because they are no longer paying for costly overhead or in-store staff.  

Another reason is the promotion of jewelry from countries where the working wage and cost of living are lower than in the West. Business owners are therefore able to pay their workers a living wage while also keeping their cost of goods sold low.  

So, if you are looking for that special gift, consider sterling silver jewelry like bracelets and bangles. Wholesale prices shouldn’t scare you away either, and if you see 925 pieces available at a wholesale price, jump on it!