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Buying a home post-lockdown

With being surrounded in the same four walls relentlessly for the past 3 months, you may have given a bit of thought to your abode and whether you need a change of scenery. Whether buying your first home or moving to a new one, try to remember the tips for finding the best home suited for you – as this will help in the long run. However there’s a new challenge present in today’s world. Buying a home post-lockdown may not be as simple as pre-lockdown procedures once were, especially now that viewings can be a health hazard. So here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting what you want for your money.

Safer, socially-distanced viewings

Many housing associations, estate agents and private landlords are now putting regulations in place to ensure you can try before you buy in a far safer environment. The release of Housing associations’ guides in easing house hunting for first time buyers are particularly helpful in helping you find your next steps. With Moat Homes announcing their new 2 metre distance rule in viewings, maximum of 2 adults to each appointment and the avoidance of touching handles and surfaces, viewings can and have been made safe for anyone on the cusp of buying their new home. Many viewings can also now by done online and viewed via the new 3D imaging many estate agents and housing associations have now invested in this type of tech. Drone footage and complete 360 degree interior view can really give you an idea on how likely it is you’re going to seal the deal on the chosen property.

Deposits and savings

While your savings account might have taken a hit the last 3 months amid furloughed wages and unnecessary amazon purchases, not to worry! There are far more ways than one to buy your first home even if you don’t have a huge sum in the bank. Help to Buy is a great way to give your cash a boost and make your savings stretch further. Help to Buy offer homes on a deposit of just 5% and allow for 20% of the entire value of the property to be interest free for the first 5 years. This could be a great solution if you need some recovery time in terms of your finances but still want to get your hands on your dream home. With just 75% of the entire value of the home accounting for your mortgage, 20% as an interest free loan from the government and your 5% deposit, the Help to Buy scheme helps make buying easier, simpler and spreads the cost into more comfortable pockets of payment. Additionally, you may also save some amount on your closing cost of the deal. Although the closing cost may differ due to the factors such as location, selling price, etc, your ability on how you can negotiate can also be a vital feature. However, hiring a good real estate agent or firm can prove to be beneficial as they can better at the negotiation part due to their experience in the industry. On that note, people may want to have a look at and other such websites of real estate firms in their location that can help them out in negotiating closing costs.

Shared Ownership/Rent to Buy

These scheme could really save your skin if you were looking to buy a home by the end of the year but your chances are now looking a little tighter. Shared Ownership is a solution for first time buyers that basically means you part buy, part rent a home, easing your way onto the property ladder and avoiding that heavy mortgage hanging over your head. Shared ownership allows you to purchase between 25% and 75% of the home and rent the rest at a low cost rate meaning your mortgage is far smaller, your deposit is cut right down and you also get a newly renovated, high spec home to move straight into. Their schemes involve paying a deposit just on the portion of the property you wish to own so for 50% of the home this is just a 5% deposit. The option has been particularly popular in areas particularly with Shared Ownership in East London, where property prices can be sky high and with newly built homes in regenerated beauty spots such as Violet Fields, Shared Ownership can definitely be the answer to your property related concerns.

So whether you’re looking to move straight away, you’re looking for answers, solutions and certainties or you just want to plan for the future, know that there are plenty of options out there to get your plans on the move. But if you’re still a little wavered on the prospect of property check out Moat’s F&Q, with their team, resources and guidance readily available along with their homes!