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Buying A Teepee Tent? 7 Tips To Help You Make The Best Purchase

No other tent type can be as good as Teepee, especially if you are looking for something durable, lightweight, and pocket-friendly. Teepee Tents, also referred to as tipi tents, are uniquely designed to use in outdoor adventures. Traditional tents do not provide standing space, and hence teepee tents are preferable. Additionally, they are safe during camping and backpacking and can withstand 35 miles per hour wind.

So, next time you plan for an outdoor adventure, consider relying on some of the efficient factors. After all, it’s not every day you go for teepee tent shopping.

  1. Consider the size of the tent

Undoubtedly, size serves as one of the crucial factors to consider while seeking the ideal teepee tent. This aspect becomes especially vital when you plan to embark on a camping trip with a large group of people or your furry companions. Ensuring there’s ample room within your teepee tent is essential for a comfortable camping experience. If you’re traveling with pets, like your beloved dogs, it’s crucial to consider their space requirements as well. Look for sizable tents that can equip dog beds and can provide your pets with a cozy retreat and ensure both you and your pets enjoy the utmost comfort during your outdoor escapades. For larger groups or families, an 18-foot teepee tent can be an excellent choice, offering spacious accommodation that caters to everyone’s needs.

However, if your friend circle is small, buying a 10 to a 12-feet tent is a good option. You can check out sites like Techie Camper for different tent options and find something that fits your trip perfectly. Apart from the tent’s size, the size of the area where you plan to ground the tent also matters. Well, an enormous 18-feet tent takes substantial space to get pitched that may not be eagerly available where you are planning to camp. Hence, it makes a great sense to choose the tent size wisely.

  1. Make a note of the number of windows in the tent

Initially, teepee tents were designed to be warm used in colder climates and cool when used in the hotter days. However, more and more companies started manufacturing these tents with the increasing time without severely following a proper protocol. Ventilation of any tent is crucial, especially if you stay with a large group of people inside. So, while buying a teepee tent, you must consider the number of windows the tent has.

  1. Construction materials matter

Have you ever considered what material a teepee tent is made of before making a buying decision? If not, then you are making a big mistake because the tent material should be extremely durable and waterproof as well. Most of the camping tents have 190-denier polyester shell material considered as intensely effective in enhancing their durability. Along with it, you must ensure that the teepee tent you are going to buy has a central tent pole made of steel. Steel pipes are not only portable but also offer great strength with low weight. Tent poles manufactured with carbon fiber or aluminum also serve as a good option to consider.

  1. Think about the weight of your tent

Carrying a heavyweight tent while camping can spoil your adventure. It becomes too tough to carry it here and there. So, the lighter your teepee tent is, the more fun your trekking trip becomes. If you are looking for the best teepee tent, then your search ends at They look at how much the tent weighs, how easily the tent can be packed up, and, most importantly, its portability.

  1. Be aware of the tent’s nature

No matter where you are camping, your tent must be waterproof. Many people love cooking food with their small stoves inside the tent. Thus, it becomes essential that your tent is flame retardant as well as fireproof.

  1. Consider ease to set up

Most of the teepee tents manufactured today have a central steel pole around which the tent is established. Two persons can easily set up these tents. However, the bigger tents require more stakes to set up, and a single person cannot handle it effortlessly. Hence, not every teepee tent is made for single person use.

  1. Don’t forget to look for additional accessories

In this modern world, one can expect some additional accessories built-in for their comfort. When buying a teepee tent, you can look for electric cable sleeves. An additional trap useful in insulating and protecting the tent is also an upright option to consider. The users who go out camping with their pets, an added vestibule gear and dog toilets are a good option. So, you can look out for added vestibule gear and extra equipment before purchasing a teepee tent.

The brand name is not enough to consider while buying a teepee tent. Your needs and budget also matter, and thus, it makes a great sense to consult all the factors mentioned above before you purchase a tent.