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5 Tips to Remember When Shopping for Shapewear

Dressing confidently has never been quite the same after the invention of the shapewear. Whether you’re a curvier lady or you’re on your way to your goal weight, there’s something very uplifting about wearing outfits that can complement your natural figure. We all want to look good in figure-hugging clothes, which is why the wide […]

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Coral Chung and Her Elegant and Functional Senreve Handbags

Coral Chung is the cofounder of the fashion brand Senreve (French for “sense” and “dream”), and she is definitely on a roll. Since its 2016 launch, Senreve has been growing in popularity non-stop. In fact, celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Anna Kendrick, have been spotted carrying Senreve handbags, and the brand recently raised an astounding […]

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