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Chasing the Uniquely Liverpool Experience

Unless you’re rolling into town for a very specific event, like perhaps to catch the Merseyside derby between LFC and Everton if you’re a football (soccer) fan, Liverpool doesn’t readily feature amongst the list of top destination travelers think of first. This very cosmopolitan and history-steeped city most certainly should feature in more destination guide lists, because it just has so much to offer.

I have a few hidden gems I can report on myself, but then again pretty much all which Liverpool has to offer to someone who doesn’t readily see it as a holiday destination probably has an abundance of what are effectively hidden gems. It’s full of surprises, not least of which is its rather central position in the history of the UK and the shaping of popular culture in general.

Sub-Hour Mersey River cruise

This is by far the most popular way through which I’d personally recommend for anyone to put themselves in line to discover as many hidden gems of the city as possible, with the a hop-on hop-off sightseeing cruise that channels along the Mersey River. It offers some unique views of the city in itself, but you’ll really want to take advantage of the hop-on, hop-off benefits.

Anything and everything BEATLES!

Even if their music might not be to your taste, as is seemingly the case with many who are of the younger generation, the impact of the Beatles who came out of Liverpool is one which has done more than its fair share of shaping popular culture and particularly celebrity-icon status. Nobody will have a shred of doubt in any dispute they might have about you having actually gone to Liverpool if you come away with some Insta-perfect snaps with anything that has to with the Beatles. If you’re going to only indulge in a single dose of your Beatles flavor to your unique Liverpool visit, make it count in the biggest way possible by perhaps visiting the world’s largest permanent exhibition, the Beatles Story.

What kind of traveler are you?

I’ve already mentioned the Merseyside derby for the kind of traveler who’s into football, but that’s just one of many uniquely Liverpudlian experiences to come away from this history-filled city with. You could perhaps delight in some ghost walking tours or have a Liverpool craft beer experience (they drink their beer warm in the UK), or you can check out Liverpool One for some great ideas, since you probably haven’t been as yet and so you wouldn’t really know where to start looking to potentially uncover the abundance of uniquely Liverpool experiences that lie in wait.