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Choosing Your Next Doctor

Born in the Philippines and raised in New Jersey, Dr. Juan Borja has been practicing medicine for over a decade. In his practice at Delray Medical & Dental, Dr. Borja continues to provide a high level of care to men, women and adolescents throughout the region. More than that, he strives to provide caring and compassionate attention to each patient that he sees. That’s what you expect when you are looking for a new doctor after all, so why would you settle for anything less?

Dr. Borja’s background includes his professional education starting at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. At this time he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English and followed this up with his medical education at Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. Located in Pomona, California, he achieved his degree and began a rotational internship in New Jersey.

Dr. Borja rotated through Union Hospital, located in Union, New Jersey before he joined a family practice for his residency at the Broward General Medical Center. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this allowed him to learn and further develop his skills in interacting with patients and caring for their needs. His experiences here led him to start out on his own in private practice. Even more, it led to an interest in sports medicine specifically.

In sports medicine he enjoys the ability to provide patients with advice and encouragement in regard to their nutrition and fitness and encourage ways that they can improve their own health. He looks for ways to help them in these areas and a great deal more, because Dr. Borja is also engaged with helping men, women and families to receive the care that they need in all areas of their medical health. You can always expect to get the help that you need and to continue improving your health.

His board certification and membership in both the American Osteopathic Association and American Academy of Family Practitioners has allowed him to pursue continuous opportunities for training and advancement. Even more than that, he always looks to help his patients to feel their best and to receive the best level of care and attention possible. After all, you want someone who is always looking to improve.

If you’re looking for a doctor who can provide you with a high level of care and also ensure that you are being treated in the professional way that you deserve and expect, you’ll receive everything you’re looking for with Dr. Borja. Dr. Borja will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will work for you and any medical needs that you may have. Whether you have an ongoing, chronic condition or you’re looking for a well visit, you’ll be able to get everything that you need with Dr. Borja.

All you need to do is schedule an appointment and let us know just what you’re looking for. We can help you get exactly what you would expect from your doctor with Dr. Borja and with all of our other professionals at Delray Medical & Dental. You deserve the best care that you can get and at Delray, we make sure that you receive that care every single time you walk into our facility. Make your appointment and let us help you with your medical care.