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Cities in America reminiscent of European countries

Europe is a source of inspiration. It is the “way” that world culture has left its mark and has repeatedly emphasized that one can find the diversity he seeks within a continent. If you still want an alternative that will fill you with different images while maintaining a familiar air, then some cities in the US are the ideal choice for you. In other states, with different glamor, small or large, and mainly ready to satisfy even the most demanding, the following cities will impress you at first glance. Take a journey through images and information that will impress you and keep you interested, challenging you -perhaps- for the next great experience of your life.

Solvang, California

This place is located near Santa Barbara and is called Solvang. This charming city of California has its roots in Denmark, as a group of immigrants from this country founded it about 100 years ago to create the “feeling” of home several hundred kilometers away. Therefore, the city is an example of Danish architecture and gastronomy with the famous Copenhagen statue “Little Mermaid” in copy.

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, founded by Spanish settlers in 1565, is still an example of architectural inspiration from Spain. Thus, anyone who visits this place will discover historical monuments and other sites that pay tribute to this people’s heritage and past. The Colonial Quarter is the most popular tourist area, and there you will discover many places to taste the traditional Spanish cuisine as well as the culture.

Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth is a Bavarian village in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. In this place, you will be “lost” among beautiful alleys, and you will reminisce about the traditional German cities which radiate a unique style. It is a fact that even the local Starbucks store complies with the universal look that is maintained.

Tourists flock to Leavenworth during Oktoberfest and around Christmas to experience a festive atmosphere in the US reminiscent of an Alpine village. This is why the hospitality industry is flourishing around those parts, with picturesque Leavenworth Rentals by Meredith Lodging and other resorts offering a serene experience. Naturally, tourists come not only to explore the European design, but also to experience the nearby wilderness, hiking trails, and unique stops along the way.

Holland, Michigan

In the mid-19th century, Calvinist Dutch immigrants founded the city of Holland in Michigan. This move was made in the pursuit of religious freedom and economic opportunities away from their real homeland. Although much of the original architecture was destroyed in a major fire in 1871, the city still has many tributes to its Dutch heritage. Some of them are the classic windmills, the traditional restaurants, the art, and even an annual tulip festival which attracts people from all over the country.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Built on steep slopes and surrounded by over 60 natural springs, the city of Eureka Springs definitely has something unique to offer. A city that has been promoting art and culture for years is a really small place where art is celebrated in every corner. The beautiful Victorian architecture complements the landscape that is reminiscent of Europe’s, with its lush vegetation, winding roads, and secluded character. To visit this city in Arkansas, you must have a car because that route is long from the major urban centers. If you do not own your own vehicle, turn to rent one from the company Enjoy Travel, which can offer you a quality means of transport for all your travels, combining the most advantageous prices on the market.