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Common Saddlebag Solutions

Saddlebags are fat deposits that occur on the outer thighs when people gain weight. This is quite a common aesthetic problem, and in many cases, does not go away with the common weight management programs. Since women have a larger pelvic area compared to men, the issue is more prevalent among women. Another reason why the problem is more common among women is that hormone estrogen can trigger fat accumulation around the abdominal areas and the thighs. Therefore, the problem is more common during pregnancy. Stubborn saddlebags can also be hereditary. Whatever the cause of your saddlebags may be, below are some of the ways in which they can be treated.


This is one of the most effective methods of dealing with saddlebags. If you are not overweight and your skin has excellent elasticity, you may benefit from this procedure. Based on the amount of fat to get rid of, your cosmetic doctor may recommend radio-frequency-assisted liposuction, laser liposuction, or ultrasound-assisted liposuction.

The basic idea in all of the three procedures is to melt the adipose cells on the outer thighs and to suction them out through tiny cannula. Liposuction is an outpatient procedure, and it is usually performed under local anesthesia. In addition to removing the fat, liposuction has the effect of tightening the skin, and therefore, it will go a long way in improving your overall appearance.

The side effects of liposuction include bruising, swelling, and tenderness. However, they are mild and short-lived. Therefore, they are a small price to pay for the smoother and slimmer outer thighs that you are going to get after the procedure.


Sculpsure is a non-surgical and painless procedure that solves the problem of saddlebags permanently. This procedure relies on the use of laser energy to destroy fat cells around the outer thighs. Once the structure of the targeted fat cells is destroyed, the cells cannot grow back. For a few months following the treatment, the targeted cells continue to die, and ultimately, the body naturally gets rid of them in the same way it eliminates other waste. Therefore, after undergoing Sculpsure treatment, you will not require any other follow up treatments. In a nutshell, within an hour or two, Sculpsure will solve the problem of saddlebags without a single incision or needle.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that since saddlebags may result from factors such as genetics and hormonal changes during pregnancy, which are beyond your control, it may be difficult or even impossible to get rid of them via the common weight loss procedures like exercise and dieting. Therefore, you may have to seek the assistance of a cosmetic doctor. If you are looking for a reliable cosmetic doctor in Edgewater, NJ, to help you to get rid of the stubborn saddlebag safely, then Dr. Metelitsin of Marina Medispa is an excellent choice. Dr. Metelitsin is a highly trained cosmetic doctor with many years of experience, and you can count on her to get the job done professionally. Contact the facility today for more information about their services.