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Custom Frozen Food Packaging Ideas for Summer Campaigns

As the summer months’ approach, you may be thinking about how to ensure the best outcomes for your frozen products. Some frozen foods, such as ice cream, naturally shine in the summer months. Others may be a little more even-keeled or even suffer slightly in the warmer weather. However, there is no double that consumers will visit the frozen aisle. So, the right frozen food packaging for small business products could help you have a great summer.

Types of Custom Food Packaging for Frozen Foods

There are three major ways to package frozen foods. The first is coated cardboard. This is common for ice cream and similar products. The second is semi-rigid plastic. This can expand and contract while effectively containing foods such as frozen meats. However, these plastics are visually boring and often need to be enhanced with printed cardboard.

Finally, there are flexible pouches. These can be printed directly and work well for a huge range of products. For example, they can be used for frozen treats, pre-cooked foods, vegetables and many other foods. Plus, custom mylar bags can be made with all sorts of high-quality, promotional designs, including summer-themed options.

Creative Summer Themed Packaging Ideas

Standing out in the frozen food aisle is easier when you have some seasonally appropriate packaging. With all the printing options available with mylar pouches, there are a lot of ways you can grab consumers’ attention. These are a few summer-themes packaging concepts you could use:

  • Pastel Simplicity: Pastel colors are popular for summer products because they evoke many of the sunbaked colors that we are used to seeing during warm weather. This is a great option for premium brands, especially.
  • Summer Scenes: You can take advantage of HD printing to show some scenes of the summer. For example, you may add a backyard barbeque to your packaging. This can be done as either a photographic representation or a more stylized illustration of your chosen scene.
  • Nautical: During the summer, people hit the beaches and coastal communities. Consider making some custom stand up pouches with nautical/coastal themes. Seeing such packaging in the store can help remind customers of fond memories of the beach.
  • Fourth of July: In the U.S., the Fourth of July is an important celebration. So, Americana can be a great summer theme for many products, especially party-focused items. Many alcoholic beverages use this theme, but it can be great for frozen treats, burgers or similar products too.
  • Fruity and Floral: During the summer, we get to see beautiful flowers, especially during the late spring and early summer. Later in the season, several fruits start to emerge. So, some plant-based themes can be perfect for your summer frozen food packaging.

Plan Your Summer Packaging Today

Explore some of your food packaging options for the summer season. With the right design, you can make sure your products stand out in the frozen food aisle. That will help you to nail your summer sales goals. Discover more today and see if custom mylar pouches may be the right solution for your packaging needs.