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Debunking These Common 7 Hair Extension Myths

Hair extensions are a lifesaver!

Whether you want to add volume, highlights and/or length to your hair, extensions have got you covered. They save you from the pain and time it takes to get hair treatments and procedures done. 

Is there a better way to upgrade your hair look? 


With hair extensions, you eliminate the need for regular maintenance, atop easing hairstyling. This is good news for women who love to change their hair look from time to time.

If you’re yet to try on your first hair extension then go ahead and do so. Otherwise, you’re missing out on the range of benefits that come with wearing hair extensions. 

Hair extensions make it possible to treat your natural hair and try out varied hairstyles whenever you want a bold look. Worn by women of all ages, extensions come in multiple textures, colors and types to suit the different tastes and preferences of women.

Designed to give your hair more length and volume, hair extensions, and pre bonded hair extensions, in particular, are perfect for achieving big, voluminous, and luscious locks with an added sophisticated touch. Achieving such hair up-dos and looks with your natural hair is almost impossible, so why wouldn’t you want to wear extensions to give your hair the much-needed volume it needs?

With that said, there are various myths that are holding many women back from taking full advantage of hair extensions. They range from extensions being high maintenance to hair damage. In this article, we’ve debunked seven myths that raise a concern regarding the use of hair extensions. 

Check the myths out to find out why they shouldn’t hinder you from using them to grow out your short hair or create fake bangs.

Top 7 Common Myths about Hair Extensions 

  1. Hair extensions are obvious and can easily be seen

Natural human hair extensions, when done professionally, color match your hair and blend in for a seamless look. The latest technologies make it possible to fix extensions onto your hair, making it invisible to the eyes of third parties.

However, this isn’t true for colorful hair extensions. You’ll want the colorful locks visible on your hair despite how and where the extensions are fixed onto your hair. Even so, clip-in, tape-in and glue-in attachments aren’t easily visible.

  1. Hair extensions break and damage your natural hair

Women fear hair damage, hence this myth has kept them from trying out hair extensions. When applied professionally, extensions can’t cause damage to your natural hair. 

However, this also depends on the type of extensions in question. For example, cheap glue-in hair extensions can cause hair damage because they’re eventually pulled out with your natural hair.

On the other hand, strand by strand hair extensions that are softly bonded to your natural hair, in addition to being durable, are among the safest and most comfortable extensions. Hair breakage or tangling only occurs due to failure to use appropriate maintenance products for hair extensions and follow the correct hair care routine. 

  1. Hair extensions look tacky 

Images of questionable hair extension blends that leave hairstyles looking tacky are all over the internet. They’ve led to this common myth and misconception about hair extensions.

The right choice of hair extensions for your particular type of hair blend in seamlessly if clipped in and styled the right way. Many YouTube hair styling resources can help you achieve a seamless look with your hair extensions. 

However, it would take some practice to get the procedure right. You can fix hair extensions seamlessly on both short hair and long hair.

Since hair extensions vary in type and weight to suit the different hair types in existence, you can match the wrong extension type and weight for your hair type which will result in an uneven blend and even tacky look. 

Where light extensions are designed for persons with thin hair, weighty ones are ideal for women with thick hair, blunt haircuts, lots of hair, or short hair. They add volume and length to your hair, and give it a natural look. 

Unlike classic hair extensions, seamless types weigh more and feature silicone bases for completely flat fixes. They add volume and length towards the tips if you’ve got thin hair strands, leaving the roots intact. 

The right hair extensions for your hair type blend in seamlessly, hence no tacky look.

  1. Hair extensions are expensive

Although hair extensions were costly many years ago and only celebrities could afford them, they’re more affordable now. You can find good quality hair extensions at reasonable costs. 

Natural hair extensions are costlier than their synthetic counterparts because they’re more durable and of better quality. They give value for your money, and if taken care of well, can last a long time of repeated use.

Whereas simple clip-in extensions vary in price anywhere from $100 to $200, their counterparts with keratin can cost up to $1,400. This means that there’s a good quality hair extension for every price and budget.

  1. Hair extensions are high maintenance and tangle easily

Contrary to common belief, hair extensions don’t require professional salon maintenance or care. Just like your natural hair, you can easily care for your extensions from home to prolong their health and lifespan. 

Unlike your natural hair, extensions don’t get oily because they aren’t attached to your scalp. Therefore, they don’t need to be washed all the time. Washing is recommended every 15 to 20 wears when hair products such as sprays buildup immensely. 

  1. The source of natural hair used in hair extensions is questionable

Living people from around the world often donate their hair once they become extremely long. This has been a tradition for many people such as Indians, Brazilians, Filipinos and the Chinese. 

The hair used in the extensions come directly off the heads of living persons, explaining the durability and quality of premium hair extensions.

  1. Hair extensions look fake

Most top quality hair extensions are made from remy human hair, the finest type of human hair. The outermost layer of remy hair doesn’t strip off and come in varied weights and color. 

What you need is the right set of extensions that match your hair type and tone for perfect blend in and natural-looking hair. Definitely the wrong type of extension and poor blending would make your hair look fake. 


Hair extensions have increasingly become popular among women, giving you the chance to show off longer, voluminous hair in a style of your liking. With high quality hair extensions, safer blending techniques and skilled hair artistry, you can get that perfect look you’ve always wanted. 

Don’t let myths stop you from getting your dream hair look.