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Dentures and Their Benefits

Missing teeth is one of the most common dental imperfections. In most cases, it is both a cosmetic and functional dental problem. In other words, it denies people a perfect smile and even makes it difficult for them to speak or even chew some of their favorite foods. The good news is that this is a problem that can be solved in a number of ways. The use of dentures is one of the most common solutions offered by dentists for people with missing teeth. Below is a discussion about some important things that you should know about Pembroke Pines dentures.

What are Dentures?

Dentures can be understood as removable dental appliances designed with the aim of replacing missing teeth. They are comprised of artificial teeth attached to a supporting structure, making them removable. Dentures can either be partial or complete. Partial dentures are used where only a few of a patient’s teeth are missing, while complete dentures are used in cases where a patient does not have any natural teeth left.

What Are The Benefits of Dentures?

Compared to other teeth replacement options such as dental implants and dental bridges; dentures are associated with a number of benefits. Some of its benefits include:

Enhance Facial Appearance and Smile

Missing teeth are a common reason why a lot of people cannot smile with confidence. In addition to negatively affecting the appearance of a person’s smile, missing teeth also causes the facial muscles to lose their support, and this has the effect of making a person look older than they actually are. As such, wearing dentures, can significantly improve the appearance of your face and that of your smile.

Improve Speech

Teeth are also important when it comes to speaking. As such, missing teeth can negatively affect your ability to speak fluently. But when you get used to wearing dentures, you will start feeling like you have your natural teeth and this will go a long way in improving your speech.

Improve Chewing

Without teeth, the type of food that you can eat becomes very limited. In other words, if you have missing teeth, there are foods that are going to be impossible for you to eat. But with dentures, you will be in a position to tear and chew tougher food. Therefore, with dentures, you will be able to eat your favorite food again.


Compared to dental implants, dentures are way more affordable. This is because designing them is easy and they do not require any surgical procedure to install. Besides, dentures are long-lasting, and if you take good care of them, they can last for over ten years.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if you have missing teeth, dentures are an excellent option to replace them. Whether you have just a few missing teeth or all your teeth are missing, dentures can help you to fix your issue. If you are looking for a reliable dentist offering dentures in Pembroke Pines, FL, 601 Dental Studio PA is a great facility to consider. Feel free to contact them today for more information about their services.