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Preparations for a baby’s birth are very crucial. A comfortable and cozy space where a child will spend a lot of time is very important according to psychologists’ opinion. Traditionally, the decoration of rooms for boys and girls is different, but it all depends only on the parents. The main idea to consider is to make an eco-friendly and safe space with the best materials. is a luxury shop of hand-crafted children’s furniture where parents can find everything for baby’s room design.

What Must Be in the Baby Boy’s Room

Baby boy’s room is a place of various activities and comfortable sleeping nights. It is the reason why the choice of convenient furniture is so essential. In the room, there must be:

  •  a crib for boy’s sweet sleep
  •  a comfortable armchair or sofa for parents’ rest
  •  boxes for baby’s toys and necessary things
  •  a commode for boy’s clothes 
  •  a baby changing table for everyday manipulations

Parents also can add frames for the most commemorative photos, some regiments for necessary things or toys, a special carpet for playing, etc. The room must be filled with light from the windows, but proper artificial light is important as well.

What about the Color

Everything depends on the parents’ preferences, but pastel tones are more desirable because bright ones may annoy a baby. Colorful elements can be added somewhere as accent details.  Dragons of Walton Street proposes a consultation for everybody who can’t choose the style and color for the baby boy’s room. The company’s portfolio is full of different unique designs with hand-painted furniture. The high price is fully justified by the quality of the work of an experienced team.

The room of a baby boy will be a space of unmatched events, laughter, and new discoveries. There are a lot of options for how this room can be decorated. But the love, which will be given by parents to their child in this place, cannot be replaced by anything.