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Dog Hygiene: Grooming Habits Every Dog Owner Should Know About

Good hygiene is crucial to ensure that your dog lives a happy, healthy life. There are a few different things that any dog owner should know about grooming their pet, that will keep your pooch looking and feeling fabulous.


Brushing is a great way to ensure that your dog’s coat stays silky smooth and healthy. It can prevent matting which can be uncomfortable for your dog, distribute the oils in his coat and is pretty relaxing to boot! Brushing your dog can help soothe them and promote a happy bond between dog and owner.

Regular Baths

Some dogs love a good bath, while others may be less than enthusiastic! It is essential to your dog’s overall health to ensure that you bathe them regularly. How often you bathe your dog depends on them. Long-haired dogs may require more frequent bathing to promote a healthy coat, while shorter hair dogs can usually go longer without a bath.

The bathing technique will vary from dog to dog, but using a mild, dog-specific shampoo is important, and leaving their head until last will help reduce the risk of them shaking water all over you! For a more in-depth guide to bathing your four-legged friend, check out this article from YuMOVE.


Ensuring that your dog’s nails are at a reasonable length is crucial. Nails that are too long could cause discomfort and damage to your dog’s paws. You should consider trimming your dog’s nails if you can hear them clinking on hard surfaces. If you are unsure how to do this safely, or your dog doesn’t enjoy the process, then taking them to a professional groomer might be a good idea.


Any good canine hygiene routine should include their ears. Ears are the perfect place for ticks and fleas to hide, so you could make it a habit to ensure that you check their ears after every walk. Dogs with larger or floppier ears may require more ear care than smaller eared dogs. Ensuring that your dog is used to you handling their ears will help to make the process easier.

Consider having some dog ear cleaner on hand for when you might need it. This will help keep your dog’s ears clean and prevent the risk of infection. Again, if you are unsure, it could help to consult a professional dog groomer.


Dogs, like humans, don’t like having hair in their eyes. It could help if you ensure that you keep on top of the furr around your dog’s eyes and ensure that it is always cut back away from their eyes. This will help keep them comfortable and reduce the risk of eye irritation or infection.

Some dogs are prone to weepy eyes, so if this is the case with your dog, you could gently wipe away the tears to ensure that it doesn’t cause matting in their fur. It is a good idea to get your dog checked out by the vet if you notice excessive tears as this can be a sign of a more serious issue.