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Dress Code 101: What You Should Wear For Any Occasion

Dressing up for any event is one of the most exciting activities for women. But there are times when picking the right attire for an event could be a daunting task even if the requested type of dress is already indicated on the invitation.

If you have no idea what to wear for an upcoming event, you can make your decision based on the type of occasion that you will attend. Here is a simple dress code guide that you can use for every occasion.

For Weddings

Most of the time, weddings are typically a white-tie or a black-tie event, unless the couple chose a different theme based on their personality. If the invitation did not mention the attire that guests should wear for the wedding, it is safer to look for a dress that will not compete with what the bride has to wear.

Ideally, white dresses and dark-colored Custom Wedding Suits should be avoided since the colors are reserved for the bride and the groom. Therefore, it is better not to steal the limelight by wearing the colors. You may choose bright colors, irrespective of your gender.

That said, if you are not concerned about the color and the style of the attire, then know that a floor-length gown could be good for formal events, while a knee-length dress can be appropriate for garden or summer weddings. The fabric of the dress is also a big factor when looking for the right attire to wear for weddings. Satin, damask, velvet, and silk are usually used to create formal gowns. On the other hand, batiste, crepe, and georgette are perfect for summer wedding events.

For Dinner Parties

When invited for formal dinner parties, wearing an appropriate dress is a must to avoid offending your host and the other guests. It means that you must never overdress or underdress for the occasion. Formal dinner parties, like formal weddings, normally require floor-length dresses or ball gowns. Sequin dresses paired with sparkly accessories are also advisable for these occasions.

If the host called for a white tie event, you could put on your classiest evening couture gown. It also requires you to avoid donning strapless dresses or put on any oversized jewellery to avoid catching too much attention.

For Casual Parties

It is always nice to dress up when attending festive dinners with family and friends. Birthday parties, milestone celebrations, or simple reunions are the best time to wear your casual dresses to look good for the occasion. Knee-length and maxi-dresses with fun, colourful prints are ideal for wearing when attending these types of events.

When the event is scheduled during the colder weather, you can pair your dress with leggings underneath and don a chic coat or sweater on top to keep you warm. For summers, you can wear flowy maxi-dresses and pair it with strappy sandals for a more comfortable get-up.

For Work

Planning what to wear for the office does not have to be dull and boring. You can put on khaki shirts or neutral-coloured dresses to give you a feminine yet professional vibe.

You can also put on a coat or tailored suit when wearing a plain dress. Also, you must avoid putting on too much unnecessary jewellery to avoid catching too much attention in the office.

Who wouldn’t want to get formal clothing for a low price? Many online retailers, such as Inocencia Sale, are quite well-known for their online sales at regular intervals. There are lots of styles and options that you can choose online from when planning what to wear for any events. You only need to know the appropriate attire that you are required to wear for the occasion. If you are still unsure about the attire, you can always call the event host beforehand. Proper planning could help you avoid catching unnecessary attention to yourself because of what you decided to wear.