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Drug Detox

There are different types of detoxification programs that have been developed to help those who want to quit their addiction problems. Malibu addiction treatment specialist articulates that detoxification is the very first step that every addict has to undergo if they want to successfully quit their addiction. The main purpose of detoxification is to allow the body to recuperate after it has undergone a long duration of time being dependent on certain drugs or substances. Drug detox allows the body to get rid of the drugs, impurities and other substances from the bloodstream while at the same time ensuring that the individual experiences a smooth transition. It is very important to carry out the detoxification in an inpatient program at a detox or substance abuse treatment facility as sudden withdrawal from using any substance can cause severe and life-threatening complications. Detoxification is the stepping stone that lays the foundation for substance abuse treatment, addiction therapy, and eventually a full recovery from addiction.

Why is home detoxification not recommended?

Several factors such as the mental state of the patient, severity of the condition and the type of addiction determine if the individual will be placed on an outpatient or inpatient treatment program. Detoxification from substances such as opioids and alcohol is often risky and complicated hence it requires round the clock supervision to take care of the adverse side effects of withdrawal, so inpatient treatment is the safest treatment mode. It is possible for an individual to detox in the comfort of their home, but there are several reasons why specialists advise against it. There are some risks that are associated with detoxification of any kind, and at home, one might not be competently skilled to handle them effectively.

Sometimes when detoxification is done at home it does not work as it should as compared to professional detoxification. Professional detoxification provides the individual with professional health care ‘round the clock. It is more effective, and the specialists make your comfort a priority. Prior to undergoing any form or type of detoxification, consult your healthcare provider as well as mental health specialist so that they can recommend and enlighten you on the most ideal detox, withdrawal, addiction therapy, and substance abuse treatment to best suit your condition. The experts will guide you accordingly, putting into consideration your addiction, your goal, your physical and mental health.

What is drug detoxification?

Drug detox is the first stage towards the comprehensive rehabilitation programs utilized in addiction therapy or substance abuse treatment plans. Detoxification provides an individual with the necessary skills that they require in order to make a full recovery. Detoxification helps in making certain that fatal and unpleasant consequences that are brought about by sudden withdrawal can be managed or completely avoided. Detoxification allows the individual to abstain from the drugs they are abusing while substituting them with other medication until the toxins have been totally wiped out from the bloodstream. Drug detoxification programs help in providing the recovering addict with physical as well as psychological healing through three processes. The detoxification process makes use of three steps namely evaluation, stabilization and preparation to ensure that the individual is prepared for addiction therapy, both physiologically and psychologically. It is essential to identify that drug detox is not a complete treatment plan for any type of drug, substance or behavior addiction. The addiction issue has to be tackled on all fronts, including psychotherapeutic treatment.