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Dry Eyes – Symptoms, Causes, and How Can You Treat Them?

Dry eye is a condition that leads to a reduction in the moisture in tears. People with dry eyes can experience various symptoms such as burning, stinging, itching, and decreased vision. 

Dry eyes can be associated with chronic conditions such as blepharitis. Dehydration from the dry eye will lead to corneal inflammation and ulceration, which causes pain or discomfort when touched or blinked on. If you’re facing dry eyes in Maitland, you should consult the best eye specialist as soon as possible. 

In particular, many symptoms go with dry eyes, including:

  1. Itching sensation when blinking or rubbing your eyelids. This is called ‘phantom’ itching because you may feel like something is stuck in your eye, and you cannot scratch it away.
  2. Irritation to the eye surface and cornea’s inside lining due to constant exposure to air and other environmental factors.
  3. Burning sensation in the eye or a feeling of dryness going down into the socket makes it challenging to focus.

Causes of Dry Eyes:

  1. It may be a symptom of a chronic condition such as blepharitis, inflammation of the eyelid’s conjunctiva, or meibomianitis, which is a disease that affects the lipid layer of the tear film.
  2. It may be associated with certain medications; some antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs have been known to cause dry eyes. In many cases, it will go if you stop taking these medications or reducing their frequency of use.
  3. Aging can reduce the quality and quantity of tears produced by your body so that contact lenses can feel uncomfortable on dry eyes. They don’t provide enough moisture for your cornea’s surface to absorb them quickly, causing a slight stinging sensation.

How to Treat Dry Eyes?

Some treatments offered by eye specialists to treat dry eye:

1. Eyelid massage– This helps to stimulate the glands in the eyelids. It also helps to clean off oily build-up on your eyelashes and skin around the eye area and stimulate blood flow under your skin, giving a warm sensation at first but later a cooling sensation that should feel soothing for those suffering from dry eyes.

2. Artificial tears- These can be bought over the counter, and most contain a mixture of similar ingredients to most tears, and they help moisturize and moisturize your eyes and eyelids. They also stimulate the glands under your eyelid, thus creating more oil needed for tear production.

3. Eyelid cleaners– These are also available over the counter and help clean off the oily build-up around your eye area.

Dry eyes are a prevalent issue amongst the entire population. To combat this comes several different treatments that one can follow.