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Easy Ways to Revamp Your Child’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a room for a child, the possibilities are endless. There are many things you can do to give the room a brand new look, and without spending a fortune. Children spend a lot of time in their bedroom, so it should be tidy, well-organized, and should include the things they enjoy the most in life. While you might have a certain theme or style idea in your mind, it’s ultimately something you want your children to be happy with, so be sure to get their input before you make any changes. 

New Bedding 

New bedspread sets are a great way to create a theme in the room. The great thing about opting to purchase a whole set is that it has everything you’ll need for the bed, including pillowcases and sheets. You’ll already know ahead of time that everything in the set goes together, which ultimately saves you time having to find separate items that would match perfectly. When purchasing a bedding set, you will want to opt for something more high quality because it’s something that will be used over and over again, so you’ll want it to last. 

Switch Up the Decor 

Many people are guilty of keeping the same decor in their children’s rooms for years before realizing it’s time for an update. Children grow, and as they grow, their interests change. While it may not be practical to revamp the entire room every time your child has a new favorite TV show or movie, there are ways to incorporate their current interests into their room without spending a lot of money. Things such as framed posters and trinkets displayed on a shelf are small items that can make a big difference. 

This way everything in the room stays somewhat similar, and you can easily swap items out whenever they move on to the next big thing. 

You can modernize a child’s room by updating the current light fixtures in their room, which is another way you can easily switch up the look without spending a fortune. 

Update the Existing Furniture 

You may want to go out and buy new furniture for your child’s room, but it may not be in the budget just now. If there’s nothing actually wrong with their existing furniture, but you’re just looking for an updated look, there are ways you can transform their current pieces into something new. Try simply swapping out the hardware with something more modern, for example. For a fun DIY project, you can sand off all the old finish and choose to paint it in a color that works better for the room. 

Utilize Practical Storage Solutions 

Children’s rooms are often the hardest to keep clean, especially if you have very young children. When you’re updating their room, you should incorporate some practical storage solutions so there’s a place for everything. The best sleeping space for a child is one that has good storage so there are no toys thrown all over the place. If you are looking to update the paint in the room for example, it may be best to look for ‘self storage near me‘ in order to store your furniture safely while you make the changes.

Installing shelving around the room is one way to make sure there’s a place for everything. Use under the bed totes to store extra blankets or clothes. Storage cubes are also an easy way to organize, especially when you have a cube designated for certain items. Other handy storage solutions include bookcases, trunks, bins, and peg walls.

Revamping your child’s room is something you can work on with them. It can be a fun family project, especially if they’re old enough to give you ideas for how they’d want their room to look in the end. The good thing about updating a child’s room is that small updates can go a long way and they do not have to cost a lot.