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Effective Insomnia Treatment with Integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hazlet, NJ

Having a good night’s sleep is vital in maintaining proper overall health. However, according to recent statistics, insomnia is increasingly becoming a common issue, with about forty percent of all adults finding it difficult to have a proper night’s sleep. If you are one of those struggling with insomnia, it is recommendable to seek medical advice and care. Yuliya Chernyak, DAOM, at Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness, offers integrative traditional Chinese medicine treatment that effectively heals all your underlying insomnia causes. The treatments have been proven effective in overcoming insomnia in cancer patients and will also restore your sleep. For more inquiries about Hazlet insomnia treatments, call or book an appointment online.

What Exactly is Insomnia?

Most people view insomnia as difficulty falling asleep, but it includes various issues. These include:

·         Waking up frequently during the night

·         Struggling to fall back to sleep after you wake up during the night

·         Having a difficult time falling asleep

·         Waking up too early

Although insomnia can get better without medical intervention, the condition becomes a problem that continues for months for most people.

What Are Other Common Symptoms of Insomnia?

Finding it difficult to sleep and stay asleep are the main symptoms of insomnia. However, the lack of sufficient night’s sleep can result in other problems. These include daytime fatigue and tiredness, difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, irritability, restlessness, mood swings, difficulty paying attention, depression, memory loss, and anxiety. Some of these symptoms might affect your ability to perform at work or school. Insomnia might also elevate your probability of developing severe health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

What Are the Potential Causes of Insomnia?

A significant percentage of people find it difficult to sleep because they can’t relax and shut their brains off during the night. One of the main causes of insomnia for most people is mental health conditions including chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, particularly in the current economic hardships worldwide. Other health conditions that contribute to insomnia include heart failure, hypothyroidism, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, restless legs syndrome, and sleep disorders such as the circadian rhythm sleep disorder, which disturbs your sleep-wake cycles. It may be worthwhile investing in a good mattress. Slumber Search’s research team may be able to offer you some support or guidance when you are selecting your best fit mattress.

How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Insomnia?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), comprising herbal medicine and acupuncture, has been proven effective in treating insomnia by addressing the underlying issue. The treatment rectifies each physical and mental condition interfering with your sleep. It comprehensively targets the energy pathways and organ systems in your body that cause insomnia to restore balance and enhance sleep. In combination with acupuncture, these herbal medicines have a great ability to calm your nervous system, relieve any pain affecting your sleep, and relax your muscles so that you can fall and stay asleep easily.

Do not struggle with insomnia while effective and compassionate treatment care is available for you. The Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness team is dedicated to treating your insomnia, including the underlying conditions, and restoring your good night’s sleep. To get started, contact us or schedule an appointment online today.