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Effective Lymphedema Management and Treatment in Tamarac, FL

Lymphedema is a common condition that affects about one in 1000 Americans. The condition affects people of all ages but is more prevalent in overweight people, those living with arthritis, or the elderly. Thanks to the advancement of health technology, it is now possible to manage and treat lymphedema with early diagnosis. The team of experienced podiatrists at Advanced Foot, Ankle & Wound Specialists, PA, offers quick Tamarac lymphedema diagnosis and treatment. To get all-inclusive lymphedema care and treatment, call or book an appointment online today.

What is Lymphedema?

This refers to a potentially severe medical condition that makes your arms and legs swell. Lymphedema normally happens because of the removal of lymph nodes during cancer treatment but can also occur from infection or surgery. Currently, the condition has no cure, but it is possible to manage and treat it when diagnosed early.

What Are the Symptoms of Lymphedema?

This condition normally happens on one arm and one leg. The common symptoms of lymphedema include swelling in the arm or leg that extends to your fingers or toes respectively, limited range of motion, a feeling of achiness or tightness, recurring infection, and thickening or hardening of the skin. The condition affects everyone differently. Some people experience extreme swelling, making it difficult to do routine tasks and move, while some get minor swelling that is hardly visible.

How Can You Prevent Lymphedema?

Unluckily, there is nothing you can do to prevent lymphedema, but you can do things to lower the risk. If you are preparing to or have already undergone cancer surgery, the staff at Advanced Foot, Ankle & Wound Specialists, PA recommends the following to lower the risk of getting lymphedema:

·   Protecting your legs and arms from injury

·   Avoiding heat on your affected arm or leg

·   Resting your limb during recovery

·   Elevating your affected limb

·   Avoiding tight clothing

The physicians also recommend routine nail and skin care. This will help to lower your risk of infections and serious complications significantly.

How is Lymphedema Diagnosed?

During lymphedema diagnosis, the team at Advanced Foot, Ankle & Wound Specialists, PA, starts by reviewing your medical history and inquiries about your lifestyle and symptoms. If you have had recent cancer surgery, the team will have sufficient information to make a precise diagnosis. The team might request a CT, MRI scan, or ultrasound. These diagnostic techniques offer detailed images of your lymphatic system and can show the underlying problem.

What Should You Expect During Lymphedema Treatment?

Lymphedema treatment depends on the severity of your symptoms and how they are affecting your daily life. The specialist can recommend light exercises to boost lymph fluid drainage or pneumatic compression.  They can also wrap or bandage your affected limb to help the lymph fluid move back towards your torso. In case your lymphedema is severe, the team may recommend surgery to remove excess tissue for your limb. This helps to reduce the swelling and encourages the natural healing process of your body.

To sum up, lymphedema can be a severe condition if not treated with urgency. For more consultation on lymphedema treatment in and around Tamarac and Florida, call or schedule an appointment online with Advanced Foot, Ankle, & Wound Specialists, PA.