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Effects of Chronic Pain on Life Quality

If you suffer from chronic pain, then you may have to visit an interventional pain specialist in Houston. They will help you deal with your pain and advise you on steps to take in order to alleviate it.

Chronic pain is not just cumbersome to the body, but also to all other areas of your life. Constantly being in pain is very unnatural and the impact it has is far reaching.

The following are some of the effects chronic pain may have on your life:

Mental Health Issues

It is said that where the mind goes, the body follows, but in some cases the opposite is true. If your body is always experiencing some sort of discomfort, then the mind will also be troubled.

Common mental health conditions associated with chronic pain include depression, anxiety and wild mood fluctuations. The frustration one endures from not being able to feel comfortable or at peace due to pain will affect many other areas of their life.

You can try distracting yourself from the pain with activities that you find engaging, however, addressing the root cause of the problem will have longer lasting results.


Your relationships are bound to suffer if you are always in pain or constantly  taking steps in effort to eradicate the pain. Many people prefer their social interactions to have a positive atmosphere, which your pain will likely obstruct.

You will be unable to contribute fully to all of your relationships as much of your time will be focused on your pain or trying to alleviate it. Communication is also difficult in such a case since it is almost impossible to convey feelings of chronic pain to others.

Sexual relations and intimacy will deteriorate if you suffer from chronic pain. Considering the importance of intimacy in relationships, remedying your chronic pain is a step you should strive to take.


There are few things that are as important as self-esteem. It is a daunting challenge to develop high levels of self-esteem if you suffer from chronic pain.

Without the necessary amount of confidence in yourself, your performance in many areas will suffer including at the workplace, overall health, even in the bedroom among other places.

It is easy to see such shortcomings as being more like a defect that you have, but that is certainly not the case. You will be sure of it once you seek out and receive medical assistance for your chronic pain.


Having chronic pain puts you at a higher risk of substance addiction. You are likely to receive pain medication, over the counter or through a doctor’s prescription, when you suffer from chronic pain. The use of pain medication is often the first route many patients choose when trying to manage their pain.

If not carefully done, the use of such pain medication can grow into an addiction. Such cases have been widespread all over the globe in the past, and even recently.

You may also try using other substances and not just pain medication to alleviate your condition. Some of these substances are highly addictive and will have an adversely negative effect on the quality of your life as past evidence can clearly show.