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Eliminate Pain With a PRP Procedure to Reignite Your Younger Days

Body aches and chronic pain can make you unable to accomplish your goals in life. However, with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, you can take back control and do the things you love most without worrying about any pain. PRP therapy in Jacksonville is a revolutionary treatment provided at Florida Regional Pain Management, PA, by Shonith Manohar, MD, to provide long-lasting pain solutions.

How Can PRP Eliminate your pain?

Platelets are blood components that help in repair and damage. Dr. Manohar simulates the healing nature of platelets when you visit with pain issues anywhere on your body. Consequently, your doctor will target the painful regions with a simulated platelet based treatment that will give you gradual relief. The therapy works by providing the painful area essential growth factors that repair your body’s damaged parts. Naturally, your body supplies the injured area with platelets without your knowledge repair and gradually makes you better.

Conditions suitable for PRP treatment

Florida Regional Pain Management offers PRP treatment for most injuries on your body as it works by stimulating the natural body healing process. You can get relief when you have pain in the:

·         Neck

The neck sits below your face and is more prone to arthritis, headaches, and whiplash injuries. You can also get relief from other neck issues that make you unable to perform and function to the fullest.

·         Knees

The knees are strategically located and prone to various pain. Your knees can suffer from issues such as meniscus tears, patellofemoral syndrome, and different tears that can influence the way you walk. Other issues Dr. Manohar can treat include ligament tears, strains, and extreme tears that cause debilitating pain.

·         Shoulders

Your shoulders are prone to different injuries, however, the most common include tendonitis, bursitis, labrum tears, and arthritis. Fortunately, you can get a remedy for most of these issues with a PRP procedure. Your doctor will examine and diagnose your shoulder issue before customizing a treatment for your situation.

·         Elbows

Sports and other physical activity increase the chances of shoulder injuries, mostly tennis players, and golfers highlight an elbow issue. Your doctor will direct PRP to your injured elbows for relief and long-lasting solutions.

·         Hips

Hips are prone to problems such as labrum tears, sacroiliac, piriformis syndrome, hip bursitis, and iliopsoas tendonitis that can make you unable to accomplish anything meaningful during the day. However, Dr. Manohar gradually reduces the pain with a PRP treatment directed to the injury.

PRP treatment is also useful in treating feet, ankle, and back injuries that cause continuous painful sensations.

Side effects of PRP treatment

PRP is a fast-acting treatment that offers you immediate freedom to get back to your other scheduled activities. Your body works with the administered treatment to get you back to your former self while you accomplish different activities.

Reignite your former self with a fast-acting treatment from Florida Regional Pain Management, PA to help deal with any form of pain at any point. Contact your doctor online or make a call to book your appointment.