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Engagement & Wedding Ring Shopping: Things To Consider

Love is a universal language. But it is a language much more well-spoken when you speak it with your one and only. Engagement rings are a part of this language. It is a partner’s way of saying that they are ready to take the next big step and cement the relationship.

The same goes with wedding rings, as they are exchanged as symbols of commitment and undying love, signifying the beginning of marriage and happiness for years to come. But finding the right engagement and wedding ring can sometimes be tricky.

Is it safe to shop for these rings online? Is there a checklist you should consider in particular when looking for your rings? And what should you pay attention to before you add the rings to your cart and shop?

These are the questions we answer in this blog, and we also talk about a great online space where you can shop for your rings at a budget-friendly price and still get great quality.

How to Shop for Engagement and Wedding Rings Online?

Shop Online

Jewelry shopping is now a convenient process that can be done from anywhere you like. You could be seated at home lazing on the couch, or you could be on a shift break at work and scroll through an online jewelry store to find a ring you like.

Just make sure you shop from a reliable online jewelry store. A great way to gauge their authenticity is to make certain they sell jewelry with certified diamonds that are certified by leading organizations like IGI and GIA. Your ring should come with a diamond certificate so that you can authenticate the quality of your jewelry.

The online store should also allow you to connect with their team to solve all your queries related to your purchase. Look for an online jewelry store that offers an appointment, virtual as well as in person, so that you can meet and be assisted in the process of finding or creating your ring. 

You may also read through the customer testimonials and have a look at the store’s social media handles to assert your confidence in the brand. The more real the brand’s content, the more faith you can have when shopping for jewelry online. 

Choose Sustainability

We are living in times where we can play our role in safeguarding the future of our planet. Choosing sustainable jewelry is a great way to encourage a better and greener earth.

Lab diamonds are a great bet not only because they are an eco-friendly option that leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the planet but also because they come at a budget-friendly deal while giving you the same look and shine to your ring as a mined diamond would.

Make a conscious decision when shopping for jewelry, and choose eco-friendly lab diamond rings when shopping for your rings online.

Check Ring Size & Evaluate Partner’s Preference

In the case of an engagement ring, a great way to surprise your partner as well as get the right ring size and understand their preference is to obtain jewelry that they already own.

If your partner lives with you, it’s as simple as gaining access to her existing jewelry and measuring the ring size. You will also have an understanding of the ring style they prefer. Also, consider their general daily wardrobe.

In the case of wedding rings, you will already know your and your partner’s ring size. It’s just about choosing classic metal wedding bands or diamond rings. Discuss wedding ring preferences with your partner and figure out whether you’ll prefer classic rings or modern diamond wedding bands.   

Where to Shop Wedding & Engagement Rings Online?

Shopping for engagement and wedding rings is all about finding high-quality rings at affordable prices. It is also about availing of added value services along with your purchase.

Friendly Diamonds is an online jewelry brand committed to sustainability. They offer a wide range of lab diamond engagement and wedding rings. You can actually create your engagement ring by choosing a ring setting, a diamond shape, and then selecting your ring size. The brand also offers a wide range of wedding rings, modern as well as classic, so that you can exchange your vows in style.

All rings are available at budget-friendly prices and come with added value services that include free shipping, 30-day no-question-asked returns, a lifetime warranty, free engraving, and a free one-time ring resizing valid within the first month of purchase.

You can also book a free online appointment with the Friendly Diamonds team to have all queries resolved and understand the specifics of your rings.

Ultimately, engagement and wedding rings are special jewelry that must be well thought out before purchase. Choose to shop online, opt for sustainable lab diamond jewelry, and choose rings that match your partner’s style preferences. Also, know their ring size before placing the order.

Finally, choose an online brand that is committed to a greener world and offers budget-friendly deals and exceptional value-added services like Friendly Diamonds when shopping for wedding and engagement rings.