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Entertainment room design ideas

An entertainment room might seem like a luxury but if you have a spare room, there are few ways to transform it. A great space for bringing the whole household together, you can let your creative imagination run wild when deciding how to design it, but take the following tips into consideration. We think they’ll help you get the most from your new media haven.

Don’t forget the supporting furniture

Think about all of the technology that you’re going to want to include in your entertainment room. Games consoles maybe, a projector and definitely a television, which is why a sturdy TV stand is a must. Even if you mount the actual screen to the wall, you’ll still need somewhere to store all the associated accessories, so this is a piece of furniture you can’t afford to overlook.

To save your money for the more indulgent entertainment room additions, vidaXL TV stands represent good value. You can genuinely afford to save on the stands, to invest elsewhere.

Include something for everyone

Try to remember that this isn’t a man cave or a private den; it’s a shared room designed to be enjoyed as much as possible, which is why you should think about everybody’s interests. Work with the space you have and think about how to please everybody, with gaming systems close to the TV, maybe a reading corner and – if you’re lucky enough to have some serious square footage – what about a pool table?

Get the sound right

If you’re planning to watch films in your entertainment room, don’t forget to get your sound system dialled in. A cutting-edge TV is one thing, but their built-in speakers are never up to much. You’ll want to think about adding a surround sound system or soundbar, for that authentic cinema feel.

It’s important to remember that wiring in a sound system isn’t always a DIY job, even if you are an enthusiast. Consider hiring a professional to make sure that everything is right before you short the electrics in the rest of your home! An expert from a service provider like Safe and Sound Electric should be able to have the system safely installed and also help you understand how to avoid damage to the equipment due to any power fluctuations or similar electrical issues.


Adults only

There’s no harm in adding some nuances to your space that are for the grown-ups only, as long as they are easy to keep out of reach. How about a lockable bar, for example? When the kids are in bed, what could be nicer than watching a film with your favourite tipple?

We recommend keeping any vinyl records out of reach too. Easily damaged and usually holding a lot of sentimental attachment, it just isn’t worth the risk. High-level shelving out of direct sunlight is best and don’t forget to protect your record player too. There’s just something about them that children or inexperienced hands are drawn to!

Combine it with a home gym

This might sound a little strange, but it works so well. At one end of your entertainment room, you can have all the ‘lazy’ fun, with the TV, computers and music set-up in place. At the other, you can install some active equipment. A cross trainer, spin bike or even a climbing wall are all simple but effective investments that allow everyone to hang out together, despite different interests. As a preference, we think a climbing wall is the pinnacle of cool home additions.

An entertainment room might not have been your first thought for a spare room or your empty garage, but it’s worth considering. As communal spaces go, they are fun, built for purpose and give you an opportunity to buy all those technological treats that you never had a place for before.