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Everything you need to know about shapewear

Every girl fantasises about having a slim physique that will allow her to squeeze into all the clothes she wants to wear but cannot. Shapewear may be the answer to this problem that many women face.

A woman’s lingerie drawer does already contain a selection of comfy bras and incredibly plush and seductive undergarments, but it also needs to contain excellent shapewear. Today, diverse body types are welcomed and appreciated, so choosing the appropriate shapewear shouldn’t be a difficult issue. It’s time to own some stylish shapewear, rock it, and control those rogue curves.

What is shapewear used for

Body shapewear comes in a variety of designs intended to sculpt your body. You can choose to smooth and slim these body parts once you are familiar with the many types of these shapers and how to wear them:

  • Waist
  • Stomach
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Arms

Why you should consider shapewear

Body Contour

Shapewear is constructed of lycra fabric, a sophisticated microfibre material. As a result, the material’s fineness is unnoticeable and aids in body shaping. Additionally, it blends in so beautifully with your clothing that no one will be able to tell that something is within you shaping your curves!


Wearing shapewear is the ideal choice to achieve the desired slender physique. By a few inches, you can better define your figure. And for this reason, they are quickly emerging as a wardrobe must that will give you beautiful curves and unmatched confidence.

Provides Support

Wearing shapewear gives you a slimmer appearance while also giving your tummy and other parts of your body more support. You can acquire an attractive shape thanks to it, which will help you look great in any clothing.

How you can wear shapewear

There are numerous options available. We still have a few shapewear ideas to share with you if you choose to layer this item under some of your outfits, like:

  • Avoid sleeping in your shapewear
  • If you are going to exercise in shapewear make sure you wear an active style
  • If your noticing discomfort, make sure you give yourself a break
  • You can choose an open bust option if you are still wanting to wear a bra

You may occasionally need a little boost. There’s nothing wrong with using contouring shapewear to feel good in your favourtire clothing items. If your wondering where you can find the perfect shapewear, Bras & Honey stock a wide range of different shapewear brands, your bound to find something for everybody shape.

You can now determine if shapewear is right for you after learning everything there is to know about it!