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Have You Heard of the Second-Take Clothing Industry?

Okay, so perhaps I’m giving away a bit of free marketing and advertising here by mentioning what is essentially a brand name in so-called “second-take” clothing, but that’s okay I guess because I’m all for what they’re doing. So what they do is they stock up on so-called second-take clothing and sell it on as wholesalers, sometimes even as retailers when the wholesale market is a bit slow.

Second-take clothing is clothing which falls somewhere in between being brand new and second hand, meaning that it is indeed brand new, but has probably been worn only a few times, sometimes even just once or not at all, even! The second-take reference is nothing but a clever play on words, suggestive of where the clothes come from and they come from the TV and film industry.

High quality at a low cost

Let’s just put it this way – the TV and film industry is huge, all around the world and not just in Hollywood, and in addition to its vast size it’s super competitive. The competitiveness spills over into the costumes worn and so the wardrobes are often stocked with the highest of quality in attire, whether it’s contemporary styling or styling for a specific era, setting or scene.

Now the best part of it all is that of just how cheap the clothing is – it’s treated as part of a selection of disposable props used for the shooting of specific scenes in most cases and then it’s sold off into the so-called second-take market. That’s part of the reason why the industry as a whole allocates such as big budget to the making of television shows and films – refreshing the wardrobe rather fluidly.

So even if by the time the attire actually reaches you as the buyer it has gone through four or five resellers, each of whom likely add their mark-up, it’s still very cheap considering to the quality you get.

Unique styling

For the most part you’ll be up-to-date by way of the styling of the clothes you buy through the second-take industry, all kitted out in contemporary gear that’s representative of the best of the times. But in many instances the styling will be unique in that you could very well own pieces of clothing that aren’t available anywhere else in the world. You’ll be dressed in one-of-a-kind clothing that can only be replicated by designers and won’t be available as mass-produced attire that can be bought and worn by anyone.

The pricing is usually so good too that you’ll essentially be rocking a fresh look with every “new” piece of clothing you buy via the second-take industry.

A lifestyle business opportunity

The last line above is what it’s all about – operating a lifestyle business which entails wearing the clothes once and then perhaps selling them on yet again to people for whom you can operate as an image consultant. As long as the clothing is clearly marked to not be brand new, this is absolutely fine, especially since it’ll likely still be in very good condition (nearly new).

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